6 music festival - Camden

Quite fancy Kelly Lee Owens, Planningtorock - Sudan Archives on Saturday afternoon too.

Any of these catch anyone’s eye?

Girl Band for a tenner, having missed their last London gig, for me

Sorry Tuna, going with moany spit’s thread.

I keep doing this!


twice mona’s had their way in the last week or so and I won’t stand for it


Shame it’s in Camden. Were all the places that aren’t completely horrible already booked up?

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Didn’t notice Girl Band - Dingwalls would be great for them.

O fuck that’s actually a really good lineup, I thought 6music was all old indie goats

Those two afternoon Dingwalls gigs look awesome!

The goater has become the goatee. Or something.

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You’re getting old. Is the joke.

Really want to see Girl Band, given I skipped the last London gig in favour of football. Sunday at the Roundhouse is jawdroppingly strong - Melt Yourself Down in that tiny downstairs room will be phenomenal.

But I like The Orielles, surely that makes me young because they are young

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Never heard a note, but they remind me of that old owl meme so they must be ok


Some really good stuff here. BBC + Squid at Electric Ballroom feels very small and the Sunday at Roundhouse is really stacked.

Is Fest new? Haven’t really come across it, but the club space looks pretty small from the photos.

Shiiiiiiit, really torn between Kim Gordon/Anna Meredith and Melt Yourself Down

Def gonna try and get tickets to Sudan Archives though as I missed her last time

Going on holiday on 6 March, which is annoying as loads of this looks great…

Might try for Sunday tickets. Presuming it’ll sell out quick as it’s under The BBC banner.

Excellent. Got a ticket for the Sunday at The Roundhouse with Kate Tempest et al.

I thought it was on sale tomorrow?