A Dark Souls Thread ft. Bloodborne and, begrudgingly, Sekiro (2020 4 phase boss fight mix ft. McGarnagle stomping Bloodborne in his sleep)

Righto thanks. Back to the bloody abyss watchers…

Take the left hand shortcut from the bonfire and go up the lift halfway along.

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Pontiff didn’t stand a chance. Big dreg orbs seem to shut down his shadows immediately. DS3 is the perfect game for Autumn/shitty weather!

Ok I’ve fallen to my death a few times trying to get to a window gap…

Probably gonna die a few more times when you get there too!

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Abyss Watchers down!

It’s all about not getting greedy, which is why I’m so bad at it! :grinning:


Like this?

I can put magic on the staff thing but only Spook seems to work and it just seems to make my feet blue.

Separately, and maybe not the place to ask - but is Nier: Automata any good and more so is it Souls like?

no, like the screen with all your weapons, rings etc.
Spook makes you less likely to be detected it won’t add any more damage. I’d suggest getting the spell that adds fire damage to your weapon, I can tell you how if you like. Otherwise the merchant at Firelink sells unlimited consumables that add all sorts of damage to your weapon. These are not spells, they are items just like embers, throwing knives etc. You had Rotten Pine Resin in your pocket last night, so I know you know you’ve at least seen them before.

Like this?

Yeah ok. Is that Ring of Favour+3 or +1?
the Hornet Ring isn’t going to help you as it only helps with criticals. If you want to put slightly heavier armor on as long as you stay below 70% (top right corner) that will help with your defenses. Also, is your shield +10? That will help you stay a bit more stable when blocking heavy attacks

Favor is +3. Shield is +5.

I have just equipped the ruin armour and it feels ok.

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how about resins and buffs? wanna go over those? as Gael is resistant to slash damage you’re doing less than half of your weapon’s damage against him so you gotta get numbers from other sources

Sure, what do you need to know?

The thread will lock, even more convoluted than the game!

Yes please…

I’ll DM you then

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Pretty banal question ahoy… I’ve got a blessed gem but I can’t seem to use it to create a blessed weapon, the option isn’t coming up with Andre and I’ve got skellies to kill

Ah don’t worry, didn’t pick up the sages coal on this run. Got it now!

Thanks everyone for all the tips on the thread!
New one here!


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