A football thread for the new week 18/04/2017 - 21/04/2017


'arry is back!


Has anyone made any funny jokes about Birmingham’s potential summer transfers yet? because I’ve got some fucking zingers lined up Ant.


I think someone has probably said something about Niko Kranjčar somewhere


Can’t wait for John Terry to lay his (full) kit in the centre circle after his last game ala The Undertaker


Squires is fucking gutted that he didn’t have time for a rewrite after the announcement


Everyone probably knew this already, but Ashley Young is nearly 32 years old.

Seems odd when written down like that.



Too many cynical people out there suggesting Redknapp won’t stick around for a slog in League One and has in fact been in some way motivated by the offer of £450k for three weeks work.


Mido to Birmingham


Is this how it’s done?


Shame to see a proper football man’s reputation dragged through the mud like this


Its the derby dead soon, triffic news

Good to see his knees have cleared up


The payment is actually being made to his dog!!!


Sweet post, brah


I wonder if he’ll sign Niko Kranjcar!!???


History would certainly suggest that he might!


find the classism against Redknapp, a self made, successful football manager and good egg quite disgusting tbh


Good ol’ Bagpuss.

At least it keeps him off BT Sport, eh.


Anyone got a league predictor thingy that I can do without having to make a login at the BBC? (or anywhere?)


microsoft excel?