A gaming thread for 2019

I need a new game but I dont like any of the games :disappointed: recommend me something!

Have you thought about taking up knitting? Flyfishing?

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Too impatient.

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Finished the Battlefront II story and epilogue today. Moved onto multiplayer and … I’m not too bad.

Will probably sink tens of hours into that instead of starting Witcher 3, which the lovely people on dis recommended to me.

What are the cool indie non-lamestream people playing now?

Just play through FFVII again.

I did that like a month ago! I basically play FFVII, Silent Hill 2 and Ocarina of Time on an endless loop.

I know! Serious recommendation, Persona 5? It’s a great jrpg and ridiculously stylish. Has great music too.

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Oh yeah true, might give that a go.

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Got back into HZD over the last couple of days. Always feel like I need half an hour to immerse myself in the world and then remember it’s wonderful but haven’t had much uninterrupted gaming time recently.

Next up will be Life Is Strange 2, and I’m planning a second Dark Souls 3 run.

bought the tv this for xmas, she’s put some mad time into it already but i think she swears at it even more than most games

I find the combat can be a bit janky at times which is what mainly causes my swearing at it (along with my hatred of the crafting system for upgrading things) It’s a really strong story though and a loooovely world to move around in.

Got three qs

  1. i downloaded PES Lite but its taking aaaaages to install. Is this normal
  2. is Hitman worth replaying through to do challenges. Sorta getting bit tedious
  3. any recommebdations for any good open world action games? I enjoyed Watch Dogs 2 immensely

ugh, I’ve now bought this even though I have loooooads in my backlog :stuck_out_tongue:

Current rough plan is:
finish BOTW
finish Mario Rabbids
maybe give PUBG a go
maybe finish GTA V
then either Rise of the Tomb Raider or Witcher 3

I get through games very slowly

really want to replay Shenmue 1 and 2 before 3 comes out, hope they do a re-release, emulating a dreamcast is painful

Watched giantbomb rplay shenmue in full recently… . Its aged really badly.

I fired up Assassin’s Creed Black Flag the other day as Ubisoft gave it away for Christmas. Lasted about 15 minutes of pure jank before I deleted it for good.

Far too much of a Steam backlog to specify or even begin to tackle.

Switch-wise I just finished Axiom Verge (great), dipping into Floor Kids (perfect for 5 min jaunts), Worms WMD (like it but I really just need to get some mates round for it to shine) and dying repeatedly in The End Is Night (ace but fucking tough).

Will grab SFV when the Arcade mode finally comes out in a week or so, but aside from that and Bayonetta 1&2, I really must stop buying games.

Order you should buy more games so you have more pretty game icons to look at when your busy not playing yiur switch :3

disagree. although Shenmue 2 is better than it in almost every way

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