A new name for 'The Classifieds'

Just a general query thread:

We get a lot of people plugging their music on these boards but that’s what the Classifieds are for.

I was wondering if maybe there was a better name we could give it that suggests that more? I mean it’s unlikely it would make that great a difference but it might help?

Any thoughts welcome.

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The Classifieds covers jagging, finding a new band member, promoting some night, podcast or event and extreme shitposting.

I reckon The Classifieds is fine, but if you really want to change it.

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You could maybe change the guidelines/welcome post in this forum, so it said not to post your own music here?

I agree that the Classifieds isn’t a good name - it implies buying and selling gig tickets, or maybe seeking band members, not JAGing. Dunno what to call it though.

Also, I don’t think it’s the name that’s the problem, I think that the thought process goes like this.

"Aah, another day posting my musical project all over the internet. I put time and effort into this music and I can’t believe it only got three likes when I posted it on Facebook. Broke my heart it did. Luckily I thought of this plan to post it on message boards all over the internet!

All I had to do was Google “Music Message Board” and there were hundreds of places where I could spread the good word! The people there talk about music all the time, they’re really into music, not like my stupid Facebook friends, what do they know? All I need is to find a way for real music lovers to hear my music and they’ll be blown away! There are probably label bigwigs looking at these things, I’ll be signed before you know it!

Right, let’s see… Drowned In Sound? Bit of a crap name, but I’ve got two hours to post to 60 message boards so I’d better crack on. Quantity over quality, that’s what my ol’ man used to say, haha. I instantly got banned from the last one I went to, so I’d better be more careful this time and limit myself to one post. Hmmmm, Music is top of the list and it’s music I want to talk about! I’ll post it there! Done! Next board. Ooh, My Vitriol forum? Ugh, might as well".

What I’m saying is, as long as the Music Board is called The Music Board, and people actually reply to threads there, you won’t solve this problem by jazzing up The Classifieds.


Unless you rename The Classifieds as Music and put it above the real music forum!!

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“The BEST Music”

“Please post only the BEST music on this board. Viewing by record label executives ONLY.”


Wont make any difference tbh

Maybe we could rename the real music forum The Classifieds to help disguise what we have done!


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The Clssfds
The Board Formerly Known AS The Classifieds
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just close it tbh

Martin Clunes Forum.

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