A Winged Victory for the Sullen - i want more more more

going through a massive AWVFTS phase, just wondered if anyone here have any Spotify playlists of this ilk they can send my way please.


Presume you’ve heard stars of the lid?

i havent.
should i start from the beginning and work my way through?

can you give me a little blurb about them. it can be your opinions rather scientific fact…


Stars of the Lid comprise of 50% of A Winged Victory For The Sullen. In my opinion, SOTL are superior, but both are great.

You should check out:

  • The Tired Sounds of Starts of the Lid
  • And Their Refinement of the Decline

One half of AWVFTS is also one half of SOTL.

I’d work backwards through their catalog if you’re looking for more of that Winged Victory sound.


Brian McBride’s (other half of SOTL) solo album ‘The Effective Disconnect’ is also a great one if you’re looking for a more Winged Victory vibe too.


Definitely worth investigating Eluvium too.


^ what this guy said.

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Also Hammock - Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow. Personally my favourite ambient album of all time.


ive listened to, maybe Silencia, maybe not, people were chatting about a record here not so long ago, so i gave a listen and it didnt resonate with me, however i was probably in an indie listening vibe, or it was the wrong time of day for my ears.
will take on your recommendation as maybe my brain is in the right mode for it.

talk amongst the trees is wonderful

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this is a solo album of sorts by Adam from AWVFTS and Stars of the Lid, it’s incredible


The upcoming AWVFTS album is getting a Dinked release. 600 copies.

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Shout out to Wiltzie’s other side project, Aix Em Klemm…

And then in turn, the other half of Aix Em Klemm’s main band is worth checking out too. Labradford.