AltJ are surprisingly popular

In Vermont:

Actually also pretty amazed by Jay-Z and Daft Punk tbh.

Were - that’s 2014.

Also, whatever state that is that loves Alt-J has ‘Phish’ as the most distinctive so there you go. Fucking weirdos!

(Apparently it’s Vermont.)

Well that’s disappointing. Perhaps…I dunno

Genuinely never heard of Phish until they were mentioned on Girls and was completely bemused by references to Fish (from Marillion). Then saw Phish mentioned on these boards and the penny dropped.

I knew of them from

They’re playing the o2 arena this year iirc

Got quite excited for a moment there. Thought you were talking about Phish!

@1101010 - Phish are popular in Vermont because they’re from Vermont. So is Ben and Jerry’s, hence their delicious Phish Food ice cream.

I got into Phish through the ice cream. I can’t think of a single other band for whom that’s the case.


I can’t decide whether Alt-J or Phish seems a more unbelievable O2 Arena sized band!

Phish have only ever played about five UK shows. They’ve not been here since 1997 (I think?) when they played Glastonbury, and one night at the Royal Albert Hall. If they were ever to play here again, it probably wouldn’t be the O2, but it would have to be somewhere big and prestigious. Probably the Royal Albert Hall again.

Because they really are one of the biggest bands in the world. They put on five day music festivals at which they’re the only band playing, and every December they do a residency at Madison Square Garden. Almost every single show they play sells out, and every show they play is an immense event. They’re huge!

The Royal Albert Hall has a capacity of 5,000. The O2 Arena has a 20,000 capacity. I know Phish are big but in this country I’m just unsure how big they really are. Similarly Alt-J had success but bloody hell, O2 Arena?

That’s the thing - big in America, almost unknown here.

I wondered why they hadn’t played outside of the US since 2000, and it turns out they have a few drug convictions between them, which apparently makes it impossible for them to cross certain borders. So if I ever want to see them I must make a pilgrimage.

Re: Alt-J - I feel like their O2 date, and their high profile festival dates, are a bit of a punt. Bands are sometimes given a bit of a push - they’re presented as big bands, and so they become big bands. If I remember correctly, people were surprised when Coldplay headlined Glastonbury in 2002, and Kings of Leon in 2008. Feels like this is a similar situation - someone somewhere thinks they’re ready.

Sound like a sort of Millennial Grateful Dead.

That’s precisely it. There are many similarities between the two bands and their fanbases. Trey from Phish even stood in for Jerry on the Dead’s 2015 shows!