Looking at Eurostar over to Amsterdam in October. Just for two or so days. :train2:

Got teenage boys so any good things to take them to? Red lights aside…:person_shrugging:

Also places to eat? Trips to take? Best area to stay?
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For educational purposes:

  • Anne Frank House
  • NEMO (science museum)
  • Rijksmuseum

For fun:

  • A’DAM tower, and especially the swing that goes over the edge
  • Hire a pedalo to tour the canals
  • Johan Cruijff ArenA stadium tour

As my family don’t live in Amsterdam, I’m not really qualified to recommend restaurants, but make sure to have ‘poffertjes’ and ‘friet mayo’

All other major cities are within a one hour train ride. Haarlem is the closest to Amsterdam, but with a much more famous cathedral ( Grote of St.-Bavokerk). Leiden is a university city with a lot of history. Den Haag is the seat of government and many international organisations so a bit boring, but does have the Mauritshuis for the world’s best collection of Vermeer paintings and the Kunstmuseum for the world’s best collection of Mondriaan paintings. Utrecht is very cute and has my cousin’s infamous boardgame shop (The Joker on the Oude Gracht) as well as a big railway museum. Rotterdam is the best place to see modern architecture.

Anywhere within the central canal area is best, you’ll be able to walk anywhere. On the edge of the centre, the districts called Jordaan and De Pijp combine tradition with marginally lower prices. You’ll also find cheaper hotels in other areas, like Oud Zuid or Science Park, but you’ll have to take trams every time you go into town.


This is a c&p job a friend sent to me a while back. Sorry for bits that aren’t kid-friendly!

 Drink
Brouwerijen - A microbrewery that was in a windmill - Address: Funenkade 7 1018 AL Amsterdam,
open 2-8pm
De school – restaurant / café / bar that is also a night club - Doctor Jan van Breemenstraat 1, 1056
Wynand Fockink Tastingroom, Distillery & Liqueur store - Go here for afternoon / day drinking just
tucked away off the main drag. Amazing staff, incredible flavoured liquors, great vibe, and probably
intentionally hilarious name. Total Amsterdam local secret.
Pllek…really cool cafe/bar made out of containers that has a great view over the harbour. You need
to take a ferry from the back of central station but it doesn't take more than 10 minutes and it's free.
Great spot to watch the city lights come out from.
Proeflokaal Arendsnest – great bar serving specialty beers, including crème burlee beer YUM!!
Amstel 54 - Fun little gay bar that has a (or at least used to have) a Latin night on Fridays. This place
is also next to a bar called Queers Café that has drags shows most weekend nights
Amsterdam Roest – Warehouse space, fun for drinks
Hiding in Plain Sight – cocktail bar

 Eating
Foodhallen – Massive food hall - Bellamyplein 51, 1053 AT, open till 11:30 / 1am Fri + Sat
Bakers & Roasters - Best brunch though it usually has a wait – 8:30 -16:00 – if this is busy try Little
The Volkshotel is a super funky café – it’s a revitalised hotel that got adopted by artists and made
swanky. There's a really nice roof terrace/restaurant too.
Axum Restaurant - Great Ethiopian Food (relatively cheap and good for groups)
There's a really cool little cafe of the Prostitute Information Centre on Enge Kerksteeg and
Oudeferksplein. They are just a really worthwhile organisation supporting and educating the local
sexworking community and I would totally advise you to spend some money on their apple pie.
Kantjil & De Tijger - good Indonesian restaurant
Cafe Kadijk - Tasty Indonesian food, cosy restaurant
De Kas – posh place, check for cancelations
Pannenkoekenhuis Upstairs - tiny little pancake house…only open noon-6 and closed on Mondays.

 Parks
In terms of parks, Vondelpark is the famous one – also in the
museum district - but I highly recommend Westerpark.
The Keukenhof is a tulip park about half an hour from central station by train, which I would
definitely recommend smoking or taking truffles there if you can!


@Owensmaterob is probably good for tips here too

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It’s only open in the spring when the tulips are in bloom

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Great recommendations but you seem to have missed the “going with teenage boys” bit.

Don’t go to the Keukenhof in October. Tulips flower in spring.

Don’t make me tap the sign!


I hate the ‘edit’ button!

To the places already mentioned I’d add:

Tales & Spirits - great cocktail bar, on a side street near the red light district. Get there when it opens at 5:30

Dignita Hoftuin - best Benny in town and right next to the Holocaust memorial which opened last year and is well worth a visit. Jarring recommendation but not here you go

Box Sociaal - easier to get into than Dignita but not quite as good, much wider menu and some very interesting cocktails


Pesca - amazing seafood restaurant with a fishmonger gimmick; makes it very easy to over-spend but I’ve never had anything I didn’t enjoy

Pathé Tuschinski - beautiful 1920s Art Deco cinema that’s been maintained largely in its original style. If there’s anything showing in the Grote Zaal when you’re here it’s well worth a couple of hours of your time. Avoid the cocktail bar though, it’s terrible

Ikaria Park - brand new coffee, cocktail and Greek tapas place in Bilderdijkpark. It’s owned by my neighbours but it’s genuinely really good. Maybe not in October through, as it’s all outdoors…

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I like staying in the south of the city as it’s much cooler and less touristy.

If you want to go to the Anne Frank house I think you have to buy tickets in advance.

I liked a bar called Foeders; there are bowls of peanuts on the table and you’re encouraged to drop the shells on the floor. The boys might like that?

The tram is great for getting around wherever you end up staying.

I definitely recommend a boat tour.

I also had the best falafel of my life at Sonny Falafel and Vlaamse Frites.

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I first went to Amsterdam with my folks when I was a teenage boy myself, I was a massive nerd so enjoyed Concerto and other record shops as well as the American Bookstore. Also insisted on eating fries with loads of nice Dutch mayonnaise for lunch every day, and remember getting a lot out of a boat trip


One other activity you may be interested in: Ajax usually organise one full day football clinics at their training facilities for kids aged 6 to 16. The clinics are based on the same training methods as followed by the Ajax youth-players. The training ground is in the vicinity of the Johan Cruijff ArenA.

My (English) friend’s kids did this a few years ago and really enjoyed it. It’s extremely well organised and not being able to speak Dutch isn’t an issue.

Dates and details for October have not been announced yet, but half-term in the Netherlands is from 15 October until 30 October. Keep an eye on this website:

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Get on the train to Utrecht and go to the Train Museum


and come say hello to me

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Oh ace, V would love it.

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De Poezenboot - cat sanctuary on a house boat that you can visit


Continuing the cat theme, I liked the KattenKabinet, a small gallery dedicated to art featuring cats, and a load of cats live there too and were incredibly friendly and ready for scritches when we visited a few years ago

Guess it depends how much you like cats?


I really don’t like cats



Hire some bikes and potter around if you’re feeling adventurous. Very nice way to see the city


Would try and get as much Indonesian food down me as possible