Answer music questions for other posters

Basically, ask subjective/objective music trivia or queries of other posters and see what they come up with…

Could be a nightmare thread

Let’s begin:

Are the first two Arctic Monkeys albums ‘punk’?

And which music scene has the most irksome gatekeeper fans?

Fuck no, they’re not real punk. Real punk rules.



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This is almost like for like for an interaction I saw on a punk and emo Reddit thread once. Beautiful.

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People liking jazz is just an elaborate 100 year running joke right?


No, nothing to do with punk really. More likely the lads were listening to the Strokes and Oasis.

‘Fading indie legacy acts’

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Were the strokes and oasis punk?
Is punk a state of mind or a style of music?

Is the song A-Punk by Vampire Weekend punk?

Is post punk even punk? Why is every new rock band called it now? Is the press bored of the term indie rock? What happened to new wave? I think I’m losing my mind.

Is Avril Lavigne more punk than GG Allin?

Proper haircut punks

Sex Pistols play Punk Music (someone will prob argue this) but in spirit and practice they were about as punk as shopping in Waitrose.

Is a paul weller hairdo really anymore generic than a mohawk when you think about it

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Car Seat Headrest are more punk than Buzzcocks and better


Agreed on this one

Is that a thumbs up emoji?

No punk band has had a mohawk since 1976

All american ones?

New Wave was largely a movement and term for the new swathe of acts (some art rock in style) on major labels in the early 80s. New wave ended up a relatively short hop to New Romantic I suppose.
I would imagine without that ‘artsy’ flair or tie/stigma of majors that many acts would prefer to be called ‘indie’