Any Recommendations for good Band/Artist Documentaries - or Rockumentaries if you will

Think along the lines of Dig, No Distance Left to Run etc

I’d really like to see that Lawrence of Belgravia doc but doesn’t seem to be available anywhere - at least not at a reasonable price!


I am trying to break your heart is great


Thanks looks good - tad pricey though.

some kind of monster and anvil are both excellent


The Punk Singer. A documentary about Kathleen Hanna is one of the best (about one of the best).


The Townes Van Zandt one is heartbreaking but brilliant:

Really enjoyed A Band Called Death recently - for a band I’d never heard of before, it got me well into their brief recorded output:

Someone was mentioning The Punk Singer in the Kathleen Hanna thread the other day - that’s good:

The most fun documentary I’ve seen in ages was the L7 one however, Pretend We’re Dead. Maybe it’s because that scene was blowing up when I first getting into alternative music, but it was great seeing so many bands of the time doing their thing. Plus the members of L7 are piss funny. Also has some great scenes with Nick Cave when they were both on the Lollapalooza tour :+1:

Also, ^this…

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The Devil and Daniel Johnston



punk syndrome is excellent too

I very much enjoyed this recently

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The Anvil one (by a country mile)
Some Kind of Monster
The Lemmy one

Shut Up And Play The Hits
Searching For Sugarman

Oh yeah, ^this was great :+1:

The one that Channel 4 (I think?) did in the 00s is also excellent:

Not a documentary, but their concert film Everything Louder Than Everything Else is a great document of a band at the height of their powers live:

Thanks all - looking good.

keep 'em coming

The Last Waltz
A Band Called Death
Twenty Feet From Stardom
Keep on Keepin On
I Called Him Morgan

Another vote here for Some Kind Of Monster, Anvil and Supersonic. Not that fussed by the music of any of those either, but the docs are great.

Oh, and 30 Century Man, the Scott Walker one - that’s great too.

Couple of very good ones not mentioned yet:

Fearless Freaks (Flaming Lips)
Instrument (Fugazi)

Mistaken For Strangers
Where You’re Meant To Be
1991: The Year Punk Broke
Half Japanese: The Band That Would Be King

One More Time With Feeling


I am Trying To Break Your Heart (Wilco) - the scene with the passive-aggressive argument between Jeff Tweedy and Jay Bennett is brilliant.

End of the Century (Ramones) - Great documentary that covers the entire history of the Ramones. Johnny Ramone comes across as a very cold person indeed.

Loud Quiet Loud (Pixies) - this is fascinating to see how akward they are around each other when not on stage.

forgot about this too, pretty mental story