Anyone got any recommendations for films I might like but haven’t seen?

Thinking westerns, Classic Japanese films or something a little unusual (if you catch my drift!)

Wayne’s World

Bone Tomahawk

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seen woman of the dunes? it’s an unusual but classic japanese film which isn’t a western but is set in the desert.

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Spirited Away.

Meek’s Cutoff.

Le Cache’oi


My girl

Cat Soup

The Wild Bunch

The Witch

Kill List

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I watched an absolutely brilliant 70s Herzog film the other day called Stroszek. Basically about this group of retrobate pals who flee Berlin for New York. The main actor in it’s incredible. Sort of like a really tragic but funny road buddy/American dream film. I’d say it’s probably one of the best i’ve seen.

Apparently the film Ian Curtis watched before he passed away.

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May I interest you in a Kurdish Western?

You may!

Here you go! It’s really quite beautiful.

Ones I can get off Amazon I should’ve said