Anything good to do in Sheffield?

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Get the train somewhere else!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Get out to the peak district!



Depends what you’re after. Easy to get into the peaks if you want some fresh air. Some nice museums in town. Kelham Island is a nice mooch with stuff going on and good pubs. A walk down Eccy Road and up the botanical gardens is nice. Night life is decent

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The Bike Wankers had a pretty dece weekend there not long ago. @Aggpass didn’t take us to a single bad pub which was pretty good going (though I can’t remember the name of any, sorry). We stayed in an Airbnb above Hop Hideout which was excellent.

I had a Frazzles pizza from here:

Picture House Social and the Tramshed for late(ish) drinks?


Loads! The Showroom is great little indie cinema, straight across from the train station. The Rutland Arms round the corner is a wonderful scruffy little pub full of brilliant ales and lovely, crazy people. There’s the museums, the winter gardens, Kelham Island pubs, loads of parks, a handful of good gig venues, a record shop I’ve forgotten the name of, some great places to eat…did you have anything specific in mind?


I’m only there for one day (to see a play in the evening) so somewhere for lunch and then an afternoon “activity” would suffice.

Do you like fried chicken?

This is my favourite Sheffield lunch spot, in the centre of town


+1 for Lucky Fox.

There’s one on Eccy Rd now as well I think, if you find yourself out that way for some reason.

You can try on an Eskimo Suit if you want to at the Weston Park Museum.

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I like nothing more!

I am giving serious consideration to moving to Sheffield you know.


Nudge me later or slide up in my DMs and I’ll give you the long list xoxo

Basically a long list of pubs to visit :ok_hand:

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Cheers folks, will do.

While I’m here, if anyone is in the area please go and see my friend’s play thx

Trying for ages to sort a trip that involved a stop at Sheffield train station to go to the Tap.

Just go to Sheffield, then you can go to the Tap twice

Get the train to Sunderland!!1

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Anyone know if cubanas is any good?