Are any of these artists any good?

Some yes.

On first glance Caroline, Real Lies, Keeley Forsyth, Katy J Pearson all very decent. Plus some dancey stuff like Sherelle. Not stacked with huge names but some quite nice stuff.

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Talk Show was the name of the band the rest of STP formed when Weiland was booted the first time. Go and serve these pretenders on the bill some papers

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Caroline, Jockstap, MC Yallah, Famous and Mandy, Indiana are all worth checking out.

MC Yallah and Debmaster are great, the Christian Loffler thing sounds intriguing. The rest I either don’t know or aren’t my thing.

To add to the above, Soccer96 are ace.

A quick go on the search function suggests that I’m the only person to have ever bigged up Billy Nomates on DiS :thinking: Anyway, she is excellent - kind of Kae Tempest/Sleaford Mods adjacent but with much better tunes.

Snapped Ankles are great - motorik/psychy weirdness with a folk horror vibe. Even better live than on record.

Working Men’s Club are good - big electronic basslines/shouty choruses.


Goya Gumbani and Soccer96 are really good.

Balimaya Project are 13 piece afrobeat power

Hand Habits is good swoony indie rock

I’d have a very happy time seeing:

Balimaya Project
Jean-Michel Blais
Snapped Ankles

Just a simple yes or no would have sufficed

Just a bit…