Are Compact Disc and Blu Ray the end of the physical line?

Can’t truly imagine they are as so many of us are gimps for buying. Or is in retro Vinyl and VHS from here on in all the way?

It’s hard to imagine anyone investing money to develop and market a new physical format for music or films. It would only ever have niche appeal at best (i.e. a new really hi-fidelity format)

Blue Ray has already been superseded by Ultra HD Blu Ray lads

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Hope not. I still only buy CD’s. Think they are great and affordable, convenient for me. A lot of great box sets come out every year I enjoy. I don’t know how vinyl would work for me and I still despise digital.

Probably. CDs are as good as a physical format is going to get, realistically. They’re good enough on all fronts, with an embedded success to the point where they’ll stick around as the dominant physical format. Especially now that the shitty jewel case seems to be well and truly out of favour. CD sales seem to be leveling off. Vinyl sales are only a small fraction in comparison and records don’t have any tangible benefits over CDs apart from retro cred (which CDs will gain, in time) so they’ll remain as a niche interest at best. Mebbes think of vinyl as the equivalent of a Hardback book compared to the normality and ubiquity of a paperback. MP3s are dead: digital sales are falling away as streaming takes hold.

Blu-ray was a folly (hampered by the further war with HD-DVD) that never stood a chance of overtaking DVDs in terms of sales. Gotta note that buying/collecting films was never a thing in the same way it was for music. Not even on DVD. Film rental was well and truly a thing even deep into the reign of DVDs. Maybe DVD and Blu-ray will hobble on and co-exist for a core of enthusiasts and archivists?

There will be no (meaningful) VHS comeback, just as the hasn’t and won’t be with audio cassettes (no, there hasn’t - despite a fleeting nostalgia tapes are basically shit and nothing beyond curio level at best, a la 8-Tracks and Laser Discs).

CD is kind of digital though?