Are U2 any good?

I Will Follow is an absolute banger cos it sounds like Echo & the Bunnymen

A shrug of the shoulders to the rest

I could probably do a top 10 U2 without much effort, but none of the tracks would make my top 100. They’re alright - worse than that since Pop

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War through to Zooropa is great. Bar a few good songs on Pop, everything after that is absolute shite.

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They’re great up until the end of the 90s. And I don’t really care how insufferable Bono is to be honest.

The Edge is fine, Adam Clayton is fine, the drummer is fine.


^Literally the only U2 albums that I would voluntarily listen to.

Had the offer of free tickets to one of their upcoming O2 shows. Couldn’t be bothered going, even for free, even though the venue is only about 20 minutes travel from my house.

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My impression is, like Arcade Fire, they were good once but became so embarrassing that only people who were there at the time or that like utter dross are able to listen to them

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Vote for objectively the worst band ever

Really liked The Unforgettable Fire when I was a kid but I’ve got a feeling it’s terrible. My memory tells me there was some decent atmospheric stuff between the silly bombast but I’m probably wrong

Plenty of great stuff on TUF. Not least Bad, Promenade, A Sort of Homecoming and the title track.

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Yeah I remember Bad being a favourite track at the time. Maybe I’ll give it a nostalgia listen at some point.


The Unforgettable Fire really holds up for me, the whole thing is great. The radio has done a number on Pride obviously, as is the case for many of their big singles. The title track is particularly amazing, and I’m glad Promenade is getting so much attention too. There really isn’t a weak moment.

It’s weird thinking that they flat out rocked at one point too. Wire is so good.


I’m firmly in the “they were great” camp. They used to be my favorite band, and outside of some of the singles that the radio absolutely killed, everything from The Unforgettable Fire through Zooropa has held up very well.

They have more than one trick too. It feels like Exit is always criminally overlooked, and I’ve always assumed it was a pretty major influence on Vitalogy-era Pearl Jam.

Lemon is so, so, so great. I really don’t get why so many people hate it and Zooropa in general. Lemon, the title track, Numb, and The Wanderer are among the best they’ve ever done. They’re one of those bands who got punished for successful experimentation.


Could be good though

Such a fucking terrible band.


I really tried with U2 when I was about 15, I had The Joshua Tree and a best of and that album with Beautiful Day on, but looking back now I don’t remember anything by them I’d actually say I liked. I don’t hate them particularly, I don’t even mind Bono, I just can’t think of any songs by them that I think are any good. So yeah, they’re shit.

Unforgettable Fire is amazing, October is good. War is great. Boy is v good.

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Stay is fucking rad too.

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I mean that’s a dreadful opinion, really.