Artists that you hope to see live in 2020

We’ve had the whole artists that you hope will release new material in 2020, but who do you hope to see live next year?

For me I really hope FKA Twigs tours Magdalene. Initially was underwhelmed by it but it has really grown on me and, having seen her before, her live shows are fantastic. Andy Stott as well. Was meant to see him at Retextured this year but went home early :roll_eyes: And I’d love to see Jenny Hval. Until The Practice of Love I had not been a fan at all but that album has opened my eyes to her genius and apparently her live shows are quite something!


Girl Band


This would be awesome too

Death Grips
Jessica Pratt
Crack Cloud
Oneotrix Point Never
Szun Waves

My Bloody Valentine.
I am a dreamer.

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Oh, thought of two more.

Pye Corner Audio: Loved Hollow Earth, was gonna see him at Corsica, having missed out on buying a ticket for Café Oto, but decided not to go as it was a Monday and I struggle going to shows on Mondays.

Anna von Hausswolff: Love, love, love Dead Magic but missed her on that tour and ever since she seems to keep participating in organ festivals at Union Chapel. I want a headline show.

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The wrens


Girl band (got tickets for them in Glasgow)
Dylan, always Dylan. Feel so much better always havjng seen him live :heart_eyes:

Cocteau Twins


I’ve put in a formal request for this to be my birthday present next year

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This would be quite something

It’s 2 days after my birthday :grinning:

Crossed off loads of things I’ve wanted to see for ages this year.

Hoping to catch 75 Dollar Bill and Jaimie Branch (pretty easy)

Really want to see King Midas Sound and HTRK but might have missed the boat on the latter and the former aren’t playing many shows

Tom Waits - one can dream…

Holy Fawn - hoping for their first UK tour to be announced for 2020

Springsteen - E Street band due to tour next year

Tool - only did Download last year, so must be dur another pass at the UK with their own headline shows



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Forest Swords
Aldous Harding
These New Puritans

BTS, ateez, green day, fallout boy and weezer when they play together, mcr if they announce dates in the uk and mew. Basically kpop groups and the bands i loved as a teenager

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Julien Baker
Hotelier (I mean come on lads)

Death Spells is a brilliant record, so some Holy Fawn UK dates are clearly needed.


Would have said Yeasayer :(( now will say RHCP