Awesome Distro/Merch gone bankrupt

Awesome distro who do loads of merch orders for labels here and in the UK have gone bankrupt causing loads of problems for labels who now can’t get at stock. Topshelf records say the landlord of the Austin site is claiming the stock themselves.

I did actually have a order from back in 2020 from No Sleep records who had a deal on their UK store that was never fulfilled supposedly as the UK branch hadn’t received the stock from the US distributors. I occasionally asked them what was going and and they said still waiting…

I’ve just cancelled the order for a refund now and they say they will so let’s see if I get it!
People are saying they are still staking orders and money but not fulling them so be careful if using them I guess.

Hmm I wonder if this is why my record from Blood Records hasn’t turned up :thinking:

What are the record labels? I know Heavenly will be one Jagjaguwar I think

Had a couple of records due since last Monday that haven’t turned up.

still on all the promotional stuff for Sheffield print fair

They still exist, they did the go into administration and the owner buying them as a new company thing

not sure i’ll ever really understand how stuff like this works

Yeah, like I understand the idea being limited companies and I understand why administration processes exist, but it’s baffling that stuff like this can happen and all responsibilities basically get shirked in the process.

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