Banal feat. late afternoon snack audit

lets be having you

just had this

it was crap

Just had a cookie with dairy milk chunks in it. Dunked it in the tea. Zero complaints.

Free caramel cream doughnut from greggs :yum:

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your decision making skills are far superior to my own

I’ve just finished all my exam briefing stuff. I am now 70% sweat, 20% strange nose spots and 10% man*.

Yes you did need to know this.

No, you absolutely did.

You’re welcome.

*margin of error: 10%


looks like it had potential

not belgian enough?

A handful of mixed nuts which some twat has nicked all the cashews out of.

Very thick layer of chocolate to the point that the actual popcorn is unnoticeable

i’d ask you to rank all the nuts in the mixed nuts but i know you’re a busy man

Thankfully someone brought them in so only decision I had to make was to say yes or no.

I chose…









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looks like everyone is home for the day already

oh well

I’ve got a banana on my desk but it’s not ripe enough for my liking.

Probably just have another cup of tea.

too late for snacks, i’m gonna leave shortly

i’ve not eaten at all today, and don’t intend on doing so till a bit later.

my eating habits are so weird. eat 2 big meals a day and that’s pretty much it.

no snack for me, cooking Risotto later. But what should I put in it fellow DiSers ?



Another cutting edge comedy response. Well done.