Band of horses lose 2 members

to lose one member is unfortunate!..

​Two members of Band of Horses have left the group within hours of each other. Guitarist Tyler Ramsey (bottom left) and bassist Bill Reynolds (bottom center) took to their personal social media accounts to announce they’d stepped away from the indie folk rock band after 10 years.

From the sound of the title I was getting ready for the funeral!


Get out

This is why we need to raise awareness to ensure that all touring bands do regular headcounts / implement a buddy system


oh neigh!

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Fallen at the fence

I guess they won’t be put out to stud

Member is a slang term for penis.


Band pulled apart by horses


They only ever had that one good song, though, right?

Didn’t it soundtrack our final glorious slow mo view of Joseph Fiennes’s comedy running in the Flashforward finalé?

Cant even call em a band now. Should change their name to ‘three horses’

Four Horseman*

To be fair, from what I understand the two members leaving had only been with the band since Infinkte Arms, i.e. from when they ceased to be interesting, maybe not too much of a deal.

Sorry, forgot to add horse pun. Ben Bridwell will always be the mane main.



We have a winner

No wrong. Good try though. Couple of good albums then diminishing returns punctuated with some good songs.

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No . First album was legit great and second and third both had 2-3 really good songs on it

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They should have shut the stable door earlier

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Every single one of their albums is lovable. You know when you need something that’s like comfort food, but music? That’s Band of Horses!