Bands/artists that took you the longest to get into

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Bands/artists that you kept giving chances to and not getting until one day you listen and think “ooooooooh, now I get it”.

I seemed to do this a lot but can’t think of any other than Burial right now. When I first got into dubstep around 06/07, I just wanted that wobble. It wasn’t until I got into mellower stuff like James Blake and Mount Kimbie around 09 that it all clicked. Now I love nearly all his stuff.

Girl Band took me ages, think getting into stuff like Women and Protomartyr helped

First time I heard Deerhoof
(Bemused) “what the fuck is this?”

Listening to La Isla Bonita some yrs later
(Delighted) “what the fuck is this?”


Took me ages to get into Napalm Death. I’m not quite sure why, I just didn’t get it for ages, then it just clicked one day. I’m sure there is probably a few others for me, but that’s one that springs to mind.


Tom Waits

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Hiatus Kaiyote is a recent one. Always thought they sounded ok, but never finished an album or went back to them. But last year, I listened to some of their drummers solo work and really dug it and then gave their new one a listen when it came out a couple of weeks ago. Then went back to their other albums and they finally clicked.


Having not liked Young Team when it was released I didn’t get into Mogwai until I saw Zidane at the cinema.

Think I dismissed Grandaddy when I first heard them, not quite sure how I ended up sticking with them.

Feel there must be loads of others.



I always thought I should like them but I kept coming back to them and just not getting them at all then one day they just clicked and I became a bit obsessed with them

Steely Dan

Kept being compared to bands I loved like Prefab Sprout and Microdisney but I couldn’t hear anything but the surface gloss until again they just clicked with me and became one of my favourite bands.

With both of them it took literally years and repeated efforts for me to get them.

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Captain Beefheart’s Troutmask Replica album. Loved the rest of his stuff but just found Troutmask impenetrable. I think I gave it one or two listens every six months or so for about three years before it finally clicked. I didn’t listen to anything else much like it at the time so it was utterly alien to me.

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The Cribs

Used to dismiss them as an NME standard fodder and being from Wakefield, the constant plays of Hey Scenesters and Men’s Needs got me right annoyed. Turns out they’re so much more than that and I am pissed off I slept on them cause I probs could have seen them in tiny local venues

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They opened for Radiohead in 2006 and I downloaded a couple of tracks in advance, I remember listening to Dummy Discards a Heart and Milk Man and finding them weird but fun. Went to the gig with a bus full of friends but got there late as the bus driver had trouble finding the place. We got there just in time to see them close with Come See the Duck and my friends all reacted with “lol what the fuck is this shit?”

Didn’t really pay any close attention to them again until Exit Only came out in like 2014/2015 and loved it. Ended up going to see them tour La Isla Bonita shortly after with one of my friends who I’d been at the Radiohead gig with. Had a fun time. Come See the Duck was more fun this time. Redemption.


I saw them on that tour too, in Brum! One of my favourite gig memories

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Roxy Music

Always dismissed them as muzak for sex-pests, but I found a copy of the debut in a charity shop and decided at the ripe age of 40 I should reassess my bias and actually give them a proper listen and I’m so glad I did, because they’re honestly excellent and Ferry is a phenomenal song writer. I still need to pick up a couple of albums but so far Country Life is a firm favourite.

The Cure

Ok, so I’ve liked The Cure pretty much from the get-go, but mine was not a burning love until recently. I’ve been having something of a Cure renaissance in the last couple of months and I’ve discovered so, so much I didn’t know about them or had never heard and if we sort of overlook the non-Fiction years, they’re just astounding. One of the best things I’ve bought in ages is the Join The Dots box-set - if you ever want to know how truly great a band is, listen to the stuff they don’t put on an album. It’s all incredible. 70 tracks that easily equal their album output, running through their entire career. I’d urge any Cure fan that doesn’t have it to get hold of it.


I’m not gonna lie and say I didn’t chuckle when I first heard King Diamond’s singing, but then the whole thing grew on me.

Kendrick Lamar - For the longest time, I couldn’t listen to more than one or two songs of his. Thought his flow was too nasal and never really gave him a proper chance. But then he released Humble. That beat was so infectious that his voice slowly started to grow on me. Then went back to TPAB and GKMC and it clicked.

Squarepusher - This is a recent one. Always just lumped him in with Aphex Twin (who I could also talk about in here, but don’t think i’m quite there yet) and all those IDM dudes. But after properly getting into jazz and fusion in the past 2/3 years and seeing those genres used to describe some of his stuff, I gave him another chance. Glad I did. His mix of IDM, jazz and ambient really hit differently.

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King Krule - I didn’t get on with his voice at all at first. And the first song of his I heard was Easy Easy, which I still can’t stand btw, so that didn’t help me. But during the build up to The Ooz coming out, everything I heard really intrigued me in a way he hadn’t done before. That album was superb, the debut finally clicked (apart from the aforementioned Easy Easy") and i’ve loved everything he’s done since. The album he did under his own name is really good too.

I’ve still never fully looked into King Krule (I think the laaad + BRIT School thing put me off, esp. back when I thought BRIT was a fee-paying posh school), but I fackin’ love Neptune Estate

Fontaines DC
Guided by Voices
Stone Temple Pilots