Bands Featuring Members Who Do Silly Little Dances







Probably the greatest concert film of all time ruined.


Some strange moves were always going on in this band;


Stuart Murdoch. Stop it.

I find Will Toledo’s running on the spot move quite charming though.


Phil Elevrum did a little bogle after playing “Real Death” the last time I saw Mount Eerie - does that count?




Devo except their choreography is wonderful


CRABCORE! and some running on the spot around 2.51


The saxophonist strips of half his clothes and bounces around wildly, punching the air. There’s a bit of this on this film from last year’s End of the Road.


Kind of telling that guitar bands where they don’t all stand completely motionless staring into space are the notable exceptions.



If it was David or one of the dudes doing that move no one would mind


I definitely get the vibe that Ashcroft ‘directed’ this video himself.


Friendly Fires, although I have to admit I was kind of tickled by this.

The guy from Chvrches at about 1:35


Thar bowing technique in the air violin solo :grimacing:



It’s at 2:41 for anyone who hasn’t seen it.


This is a great song. Rich Bitch studios I believe in Brum. ULTRA LOW BUDGET video for a chart smash. Kudos.


These gusys have been doing it since 1976.