Bands you've seen live the most

I wish I’d seen them multiple times. Just the once so far supporting The Bronx. Jealous!

Off the top of my head, multiple band viewings include:

The Twilight Sad - 11
ballboy - 9
Spiritualized - 7
Mogwai - 5
The Wildhearts - 4
Honeyblood - 4
Eels - 4
King Crimson - 3
Earth/Dylan Carlson - 3
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - 3
The Flaming Lips - 3
Iron Maiden - 2
Julian Cope - 2
Radiohead - 2
GY!BE - 2
Manics - 2
The War On Drugs - 2
Belle & Sebastian - 2
Maiden Scotland (Iron Maiden covers) - 2
The Australian Pink Floyd (nuff said) - 2

Biggest regret? Probably only seeing R.E.M. once and never seeing Pulp at all :frowning:

With Rolo?

Best time I think was with Metz and Titus Andronicus. Line up that

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Yeah but missed Rolo. Kerrang or NME Shred Yr Face tour… Seen them since so alls good

… we’ve definitely had this discussion more than once on here… totally worth multiple discussions though

Damian ended up ‘singing’ a song or two from the toilets. Top 5 gigs of all time

Rock Sound Shred Yr Face! We have haha.

They were really good this year but I had an eye op the next day so wasnt too into it

The Cribs 96
Los Campesinos! 16
Manic Street Preachers 15

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Fuck sake. Pretty sure you corrected me on that point last time it was mentioned too ha. I’ll never learn. La la la (ears in lugs… don’t make me jeslous)

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?[quote=“tatesmithee, post:27, topic:40370”]
The Cribs 96
Christ. This is going to a beating! You from Wakefield or summat?


96! Outstanding :+1:

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You’re a good man Funkhouser.
A good man.

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Oh fuck this… I’ve edited this 3 times… I give up


Being in the band doesn’t count. :wink::grin:


Haha, thanks! No, I’m from Kent. They just clicked with me as my favourite band in 2005, first saw them in 2006 and then every London gig for a couple of years and then started travelling to see them… met a lot of great people through the band and end up doing entire tours.
2017 was a busy year - saw them 28 times… they did the Men’s Needs 10 year anniversary and then promotion / mini tour for the next album (24-7 Rock Star Shit) and Cribsmas III in December (quickly followed by a January tour in 2018).

Here’s a poster I got signed when I saw them in Tokyo:

And my friend who runs the fanzine and is a fan of spreadsheets made up this document:

So many far-flung regions of the UK I’d never have visited had it not been for this band. Best times of my life have been following The Cribs.


Mogwai somewhere around 20.
Part chimp and Hey Colossus probably pushing 25.
It’s an evening out.

Definitely in double figures:
Frightened Rabbit

Probably double figures or close:
British Sea Power

And loads 5+

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Went to tons of gigs in Glasgow and Edinburgh in the early-to-mid 2000s and there was a few bands who turned up absolutely everywhere -Idlewild, Aberfeldy, James Yorkston, King Creosote, Mull Historical Society… I’m probably close to double figures with all of them due to charity appearances, support slots, student union gigs, etc.

Voivod and Dizzee Rascal, both 5 times. Anybody else match that much difference between acts?


Not a huge fan of either bands but due to their touring probably seen British Sea Power around 15 times and Allo Darlin’ the same number (although they’ve now folded).