Bank hollandaise Monday

Forgot to turn the alarm off :frowning:

What you folk up to?

morning yuggeteer!

For some reason I got sucked into a 2 hour long history podcast at 2am and couldn’t be bothered to go to sleep after that finished so I’ve been up and about since 6ish which is UNHEARD OF!

I’m already feeling that vaguely tired nervous tension so today not much will happen.

What are you up to?

Solid thread title there, yuggy :slight_smile:


Playing golf with my boss and a couple of work colleagues.
I’m sorry folks, but that’s all I’ve got.

At the moment I’m sat in bed while my eldest watches YouTube videos on Mrs CCB’s phone. Not quite sure what the plan is today because it involves getting some kind of consensus between 14 relatives. We’ll probably do the same thing we do every time we come down.

I could go on about how annoying this process is, but maybe now’s not the time.

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how’s the weather?

  • good
  • bad

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Working :slightly_frowning_face: think I get next Monday off as it’ll be a public holiday here though. Just seen that Dinosaur Jr are playing here on Sunday so I’ll probably get a ticket to that.



I am working so hoping the weather stays bad to make myself feel better about it

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Cycling down into Luxembourg today. The weather has been absolutely ridiculous here. Constant sunshine, highs of mid-30s but it’s absolutely killed me. I feel exhausted. Back on Wednesday and I’ve tactically booked Thursday off which I think will be the smartest thing I’ve done.


Alright chaps?

Had a chilled day in Buxton yesterday. Was gonna do some walking in the peaks, but the weather is against us for that. So we might get the train to Manchester and spend the day there.

I’m at work (it’s not a bank holiday).

Feeling pretty FRESH though and the sun is out, so not all bad.


Saw New Jackson play last night, fucking loved it. Had a solid dance at a mate’s going away party too.

Got some work to do in town and then I’m off to Dublin at half four. Excitement levels are through the roof here.

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Pretty grey and murky here. Supposed to be gardening this afternoon so a little precipitation wouldn’t go amiss.

Have the kids for the third day in a row, might get to the park this morning, will be watching the third installment of Diary of a Wimpy Kid after watching (and quite enjoying) the first two over the last couple of days.

Eaten way too much bad stuff over the weekend, need to go easy today. Have tomorrow off as well, good times.

Dinosaur Jr.! :metal::metal::metal:

Make sure you bring earplugs!


alright gang? was all set for a walk up a hill but the weather looks pish, so trying to decide whether to sack it off or bash on.

arguments against: it’ll be shite
arguments for: i don’t have anything else to do

My brothers walked from the Netherlands to Luxembourg a few years back as part of a Scouting expedition. They had similar weather and were fucked after it so fair play for cycling that much through it!

I always like your posts c_c_b, you make being a Dad sound lovely.


What fackin’ hill m9?