Bass guitar is to a rock band what salt is to soup

You don’t always notice it when it’s there, but you notice when it isn’t.


The continual under-appreciation of bass and bassists is forever rankling to me.


Most of the time the bassers are just playing the notes no one else can be bothered to play


One of the hills I’m willing to die on is that Robert Deleo of Stone Temple Pilots was the greatest rock bassist there ever was. Can’t think of any other bassist who added more to their band.

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I’ve always thought of the bass as the red onion in the Greek salad of rock.


Scott Weiland’s expressions in that Sour Girl video are pleasingly unsettling.

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I’d say Paul McCartney added more to his band, Wings

Derek Forbes, the bassist from Simple Minds 1978-1985

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good shout. they totally lost it once he left.

Mick Karn of Japan is another good example from that era. (Bar the vocals) his bass is probably Japan’s most recognisable sonic element.

Sometimes, but not exclusively. You have bands like Cynic, Obscura, Beyond Creation, etc.
Even Tool’s bass isn’t “just salt”. Or even Vulfpeck lol.
I can’t even imagine most of Japanese city pop without the bass. I’d even argue Plastic Love can holds its own with just the drums, bass, and the vocals.

Ok pal.