Batpiss - one of those rock bands a bit like a less fuzzy Metz

This seems like the right thread to mention that Scul Hazzards have put up their final recording as a digital release

Aw man, apologies, it’s NOT THERE YET, but it will be soon, or so they say.

I’m ready.

Well there is a band I haven’t thought about for a long time!

They still haven’t put that album up - will check back

Yeah, I guess it’s all about the anticipation.

Saw them a few times when they were living in London and really enjoyed it.

Rest in Piss is brilliant, only just discovered it now - must’ve missed this thread last year. Going to get stuck into the other recommendations on here soon

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Vocal delivery on Kalgoorlie reminds me of a more agitated Baxter Dury, keep going back to it

Yep really digging Peep Tempel so far