Best backing vocals


Yeah, both of those are incredible and probably better than Call Me Al, but surely not as much fun to sing along to.


‘Belong’, although, come to think of it, Mike Mills vocals are actually the chorus.


First thing that comes to mind for me is Alice in Chains:


Any excuse to post this:


Has anyone seen 20 Feet From Stardom? Has a great bit with Merry Clayton who did Gimme Shelter. I think she was 6 months pregnant at the time.


Yes! Incredibly insightful film. Netflix took it down ages ago though the bunch o’ pricks.




Dave Grohl!


I’ve always loved D’arcy’s backing vocals on “Beautiful”



I’m not sure what the best example is, but the New Pornographers always seem to do backing vocals well.


Massive sucker for a good harmony here.

  • Ed O’Brien on Radiohead’s weird fishes jumps out as a particularly sublime example.
  • Pretty much every song by the Beach Boys.
  • Loads by Georgia from Yo La Tengo, ‘The lie and how we told it’ is a particular favourite.


obvious, but best ever



I mean, I guess these aren’t backing vocals because it’s a group harmony with no leader, but they are divine.


Came in here to say this, although it feels more like a duet. The isolated vocal with folk going apeshit in the recording booth is outstanding.


An obvious choice, but the backing vocals on Help! turn it from ‘decent’ to ‘insane levels of awesomeness’.