Best electronic albums 2016

Big fan of MSTRKRFT’s Operator, even if the song with yer man from Converge is well dodgy.

Runaway is a banger though.

Pye Corner Audio - Stasis
Head Technician - Zones

Both Martin Jenkins and he never lets us down!


Great shout on Ital Tek. Can’t stop playing it, purely on the basis of this thread.


Moderat’s III


Moderat: III
Nicolas Jaar: Sirens
Clark: The Last Panthers
Ash Koosha: I AKA I
The Range: Potential
Oliver Coates: Upstepping
Lone: Levitate
Mark Pritchard: Under The Sun

Love what ive heard from Martin Jenkins. Discovered him via Adam Curtis. But I only listen to a few tracks here and there. Album wise where should I start?

Haven’t seen Leon Vynehall’s record Rojus (Designed to Dance) mentioned yet

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Probably not electronic in vein of OP but ah well

Thanks all for your recommendations. Currently listening to the Andy Stott album which is bloody ace, right up my street.

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Either of his Ghost Box albums, I reckon.
Stasis is probably edging Sleep Games for me, at the moment. It’ll likely make it into my top 10 albums for the year.

Wow… just watched the trailer for the Adam Curtis programme. It’s a must-watch, and I’m not (just) talking about the soundtrack!
I heard Pye Corner Audio… plus some Burial and Aphex, I think.
Cheers mroc

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It might not be quite what you’re after but I’ve been enjoying Huerco S - For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those That Have).

There’s been a Pantha du Prince album this year hasn’t there? Haven’t got round to listening to it yet though…



Hieroglyphic Being

Vatican Shadow

Ital Tek

Silk Road Assassins


Skee Mask

Konx Om Pax

Not Waving

Jessy Lanza


Been enjoying the following recently:

Bjarki - Lefhanded Fuqs
Kobosil - We Grow You Decline
Objekt - Kern Vol 3 mix
Floating Points - Kuiper EP

All his sound tracks are amazing. His films are also always very visually interesting and make a bold, intelligent, argument. Even if you can pick holes in some of them.

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Stranger Things soundtrack is great.

Only just discovered the Mark Pritchard album, but so glad I did - love it!

yeah, it’s unbelievable. the opening “?” is one of the most unsettling tracks ever.

I’ve enjoyed quite a few of the above. Maybe give this a try:

I don’t think he’s released a bad album.