Best electronic albums 2016

Please recommend me stuff like Daniel Avery, Ghost Culture, The Field, Pantha du Prince etc etc. Don’t seem to have come across much good electronic stuff this year so let me know what I’ve missed out on.

I will defer to the experts but:

Roly Porter - Third Law: good, but not as good as his previous one
Kedr Livanskiy April Sun: vocals, but excellent pulsing electronica
Lowering - Post Truth Politics (hints of early Seefeel and lots of other loveliness)
Underworld - Barbara, Barbara (etc): very much a return to form

None of this really fits your descriptions though. Hmm, roll on experts!

I really enjoyed Clarke:Hartnell’s 2Square album.


Night Melody by Rival Consoles


I’m no expert. And these don’t really match the criteria either but I’m not going to let that stop me.

Factory Floor - 25. Didn’t grab me as immediately as the first album but it’s grown on me.
Raime - Tooth. This was a huge improvement on the previous record. Really sparse and menacing in places. Which is a good thing…

My favourites:

Peder Mannerfelt - Controlling Body

Kyle Hall - From Joy
Floorplan - Victorious
Gqom Oh! The Sound of Durban
Autechre - elseq 1-5
Omar S - The Best
DJ Earl - Open Your Eyes

Edit: Forgot

Shy Layers - ST

Arca - Entrañas

Like the new surgeon album a lot

I couldn’t really get into it :disappointed:

Maybe I’ll give it another go.

Advancement by Solar Bears is good Boards Of Canada-esque stuff

quite liked the new Shit Robot as well

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This^ so much.


I’d say the Andy Stott album fits your bill

I guess there’s a bit of ghost culture in black marble (and a lot of distorted cure) out next month

and for 3 of my favourite but not really like that electronic albums

Bracken is brilliant, quite eclectic but also not, and has a good pinch of hood in there

Ital tek

erik lavander

Not this year. But a release last year that should be right up your street:


This year Christian Löffler has a new album in october simler to Pantha du Prince. This song is good and check out his last two releases if you like the style

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Brilliant, thanks all. Lot of catching up required.

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Oh also give this a try. Doesnt really match the artist mentioned but its so creative/silly that I cant help but smile:

Ooh yeah really enjoying this

Not that any of this, except Autechre, is in the indie crossover bracket you’re looking for - it’s not been a great year for that stuff IMO.

The Ital Tek record is good. Had forgotten about it and giving it another spin now


The Knox Om Pax album is very nice

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