Best ever run of albums

I’m thinking mostly in threes but you can do more if you want.

Lets get the obvious Dylan one out of the way Bringing It All Back Home, Highway 61 Revisited, and Blonde on Blonde.

But I honestly think Bjorks late 90s run is insanely good: Post, Homogenic, and Vespertine. Honestly cant pick a best out of them and they are all very creative ambitious works which are insanely well produced.

Quite like Pavements run as well: Slanted and Enchanted, Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain, and Wowee Zowee.

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Talking Heads - 77, More Songs About Buildings and Food, Fear of Music, Remain in Light

Low - The Curtain Hits the Cast, Secret Name, Things We Lost in the Fire

PJ Harvey - Dry, Rid of Me, To Bring You My Love

Kanye West - The College Dropout, Late Registration, Graduation

Wilco: AM through A Ghost is Born. 5 very good to classic albums. Plus you can add in Kicking Television (live) and the first two Mermaid Avenue albums, giving you a run of 8 with no duds.

Pixies: first four (or five if you count Come on Pilgrim/the Purple Tape).

Came here to say bob Dylan, those 3 records released within 18 months, absolutely fucking staggering.


Sonic Youth - Evol, Sister, Daydream Nation.

I would also count Bad Moon Rising, Goo, and Dirty as being part of a great run, but I know an easier arguement can be made for just the above three.

Radiohead - The Bends, OK Computer, Kid A. Hard to top that.

Converge - Jane Doe, You Fail Me, No Heroes.

With Boris it’s hard to say because of what can be considered as “proper” albums but Flood, Heavy Rocks, and Akuma No Uta are all lovely.


Pretty sure the answer to this question is, as it is to so many other questions, Prince. 1979 - 1990 is pretty much an unbeatable stream of genius.


Fugazi have a great run

Fall would probably be Live at Witch Trials-Hex Enduction Hour for a pure run, ‘Room To Live’ isn’t quite as amazing as those, but if you count it their run could last into Bend Sinister at least

Silver Jews until LM,LS are all pretty fantastic in their own way, though Bright Flight may be a slightly less good album

@anon44377095 hits it on the head

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Beastie Boys - Paul’s Boutique/Check Your Head/Licence to Ill


Sufjan: illinois to now has been pretty much constant 10/10 albums of various styles/genres

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I’d take that back to Michigan… .

I didn’t know you were from michigan!!!


Neil young:

Everybody knows this is nowhere - after the gold rush - harvest - on the beach - tonight’s the night - zuma


what about Time Fades Away

(i’m a pedant)
(oh well)

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I was going by studio albums, but sure: sling it in

Well the beatles obvs

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Please please me - help?

(maybe not best ever but fuck it probably ‘underrated’ (it’s not even))
Lenoard Cohen’s last 3 records are very good. Currently listening to ‘Old Ideas’ and I enjoy it as much as some of his classics

Darkness is a great track

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Knock knock - sometimes I wish we were an eagle

Could probably add a couple either side of that run but that’s peak smog/bill callahan imo and all very good

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Autobahn - Computer World