Best Music Films

That whole DVD the doc is on is great. I was at the Manchester show that’s bundled in with the package and they stuffed as many Easter eggs into the discs as space would allow too which were fun to try and find back in the days when we didn’t already have infinite content.

Overdue another watch of it all. I remember a really awkward scene in the documentary where a fan comes up to Malkmus with an old notebook of his full of sketches and ideas etc. Malkmus is really taken aback saying about how this disappeared years ago, it’s great to see it and he always wondered where it went. There’s this really tense moment where Malkmus is clearly thinking “do I just take it back off him?” …and the fan is simultaneously thinking “ah fuck, is he going to take this off me?”


I thought ‘Being Frank’ was brilliant. Had no idea watching him as a kid on TV that he was such an awesomely creative and eccentric character. I was pissing myself at him compering that bros gig :sweat_smile: his own gigs looked amazing too.

Watched the first 40 minutes of ‘Flawed Is Beautiful’ on prime, a documentary about the main movers in the ill-fated ‘New Wave Of New Wave’ movement of the early-mid 90’s (S.M.A.S.H, These Animal Men). As a 16 yr old I quite liked both of them (HGWTR? 2/5 at a push) but I was slightly bemused that someone would make a documentary about them. Have to say Im actually loving it so far and looking forward to watching the rest later. everyone involved comes across really well so far, all really enthusiastic and full of humour about what transpired. Interesting as well for its insight into how the music press worked at the time (quite a few ex NME, MM bods as talking heads)

I saw it at a screening with a Q+A from the director afterwards. He told a story about how Frank Sidebottom was booked for the half-time entertainment during a big football match. He walked out with a little table and a pack of cards, and started doing close-up magic tricks. The crowd all started booing and throwing stuff after about five minutes of it


they will have to kill us first
heavy metal in baghdad

Free on amazon prime now

King Rocker about Robert Lloyd, The Prefects and The Nightingales is on sky arts and is very good