Best one artist comp (or album edit) you've ever made

Possibly a thread that’ll die on its arse when I discover people have more to fill their spare time than I do…

Over the age of mp3s (yay!) and streaming (fuckin’ booooo…) have you ever constructed a one-artist album or comp you’re quite proud of? I undertook a music rationalisation process (‘Hi, I work in web management’) a few years back and made a point of making an arseload of fucking top albums so I could get rid of shite that was taking up valuable space on my hard drive.

Top attempts:

  • Elton John - 1969-1977: I liked a few Elton John tracks from his early years but every existing comp from that era seemed to have fucking Don’t Go Breaking My Heart on it. I started constructing my own and it ended up a 3-CD-equivalent masterpiece covering country, soul, prog-rock and all sorts.
  • Rod Stewart - First Five Years: He did some awesome stuff as a guest singer with other bands (Python Lee Jackson, Faces, Jeff Beck Group) which, if compiled, I genuinely think would provide a late career resurgence if he hadn’t sung such turgid shite for 40+ years.
  • De La Soul - 3 Feet High: Sorry, but I fucking hate the skits. Using Audacity to cut them and other bullshit tracks leaves a tight 50 minute album.
  • Wu Tang Clan - 1994-1996: Possibly my pièce de résistance - an alternative ‘second album’ that collates the singles of all the solo albums of that era. I probably listen to this more than 36 Chambers.
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I deleted Pink Cellphone from Saturday Night Wrist to maintain the illusion that from albums one through eight Deftones only had 11 track albums.


Keen for someone to make an edit of Trail of the Dead’s latest album

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Pulled together leaks of the tracks mooted to be on Kanyes ‘lost’ Yandhi album, did some actual editing of files, worked out an order that kind of tells a story of him finding God/humility… then he scrapped the whole project and everything went tits up.

It still sounds super unfinished, but compared to some of the stuff he’s released since, it’s a masterpiece

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really like this idea. don’t suppose you’ve got a Spotify playlist or even just a handy tracklist for this you’d be happy to share?

Then I might be motivated to play it a second time.

It’s over 90 minutes but it’s a cracking comp:

01 Liquid Swords (by Genius/GZA)
02 Daytona 500 (by Ghostface Killah)
03 Brooklyn Zoo (by Ol’ Dirty Bastard)
04 4th Chamber (by Genius/GZA)
05 Heaven & Hell (by Raekwon)
06 I’ll Be There For You / You’re All I Need To Get By (by Method Man)
07 Incarcerated Scarfaces (by Raekwon)
08 Camay (by Ghostface Killah)
09 I Gotcha Back (by Genius/GZA)
10 Bring The Pain (by Method Man)
11 Motherless Child (by Ghostface Killah)
12 Glaciers Of Ice (by Raekwon)
13 Release Yo’ Delf (by Method Man)
14 Shimmy Shimmy Ya (by Ol’ Dirty Bastard)
15 Criminology (by Raekwon)
16 Shadowboxin’ (by Genius/GZA)
17 Ice Cream (by Raekwon)
18 The Riddler (by Method Man)
19 Cold World (by Genius/GZA)
20 Rainy Dayz (by Raekwon)
21 Labels (by Genius/GZA)
22 All I Need (by Method Man)
23 All That I Got Is You (by Ghostface Killah)


This is a great idea. Makes me want to have a go at my own.

Back in my landfill days I made a bunch of b-side compilations, including for artists I liked but wasn’t massively into, with art I either mocked up myself or by other forumers. Most are lost to time, though. I just really didn’t like single tracks on promo releases littering up my iTunes.

Bloc Party b-sides from A Weekend in the City > A Weekend in the City

I did something similar in a Spotify playlist for Wu Tang singles. It’s not comprehensive at all but it was my attempt to pull together my favourite tracks not on the first album.

I still included Protect Ya Neck because I can listen to that … again and again.


I was quite pleased with this Barry White playlist:

I often listen to the Spotify “This is …” playlists but they will miss out things released under different names or groups. Sometimes you just have to make your own.

I am a massive fan of building up playlists while reading biographies. That’s what I did with Barry and just added tracks everytime one was mentioned in the book. Often someone else has already made a list for a particular book.


class, thanks very much!

Put this two-hour playlist of MF DOOM instrumentals together on Halloween. In a rough chronological order but intended to be played on shuffle. Artwork is from Parlor Tricks for the Rabble by jasinski on DeviantArt

Also collected my favourite Skee Mask non-album tracks but haven’t had the time/mood to decide an order on them.


I do this all the time, I’ll try to post loads.

One I made recently which combines the best bits of Absolution and Black Holes into a good album:

  1. Hysteria
  2. Blackout
  3. Stockholm Syndrome
  4. Endlessly
  5. Supermassive Black Hole
  6. Starlight
  7. Assassin
  8. City of Delusion
  9. Hoodoo
  10. Knights of Cydonia

Could be expanded further by adding the good tracks off of Showbiz which are Uno, Showbiz, Muscle Museum and Unintended

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After I realised on spotify desktop you could make different playlist folders (or at least you used to be able to, although I only use my mobile now) I currently have 144 artist playlists.
I like to think this is pro level playlisting :wink:

Also because Pink Cellphone stinks up an otherwise pretty solid Deftones album. Especially the version with Annie’s monologue in the outro.

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Can someone make a full length version of the Bleach EP