Best place to sell second hand cds

Currently downsizing, so selling 100+ cds. They’re nothing fancy so not expecting much. Started checking prices and have decided to sell the most profitable ones on Amazon marketplace and the least profitable ones on either Cex or Ziffit or Music Magpie.

Am I doing the right thing or is there a better way of selling?


Discogs if they’re rare or worth owt. Music magpie for the rest but you will get about 1p so barely worth the bother.


eBay. I check there first for pretty much anything I’m looking for that’s a few years old or likely out of print.

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If you have anything rare and sought after I would definitely use Discogs. It is primarily a market for vinyl but CDs do sell if you price them sensibly. I use Discogs a lot as a seller and a buyer and I’ve found it very good.

For me anything that sells for less than a couple of quid is hardly worth the effort of marketing separately and having to package up and take to the Post Office. Most CDs are in this category. Personally if you have a bulk load you want to get rid of I would use Music Magpie. You don’t get much for each one but their app is easy to use (just scan the barcodes, print out a label and put them in a box which they send someone to collect). You might only be getting about 75p per disc on average, but that is ok if you are getting rid of a few hundred (as I did a while ago).


Thanks. Yeah, probably gonna go down this route.

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Agree with the advice above.

I tend to scan/ enter everything through Music Magpie (they’ll send you bonus codes if you create an account) or Ziffit (their book prices tend to be better) and try listing anything which they’ll offer £3+ on ebay before packing it up.

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Depends what you’ve got and whether you can be bothered with a bit more hassle but consider eBaying them in job lots. Stick a collection of CDs together that have something in common - band/ genre/label and sell them as a package. A 2nd class package by Royal Mail up to 2kg is only £3.10 so you can send about 20 CDs in one go (but weigh your package before listing - if it’s over 2kg you’re going to need to send it via courier which makes it more expensive - and your auction less attractive). I do it quite often - from experience you’re going to get 2 or 3 times the price you’d get from Magpie.

Or list them on this forum for a couple of quid a pop. I’ve bought off a few dissers who’ve done this.

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Was going to suggest MusicMagpie but you already have. Peanuts, but easy to shift in a quick lot and better than throwing them in the bin.

Also, it’s amazing how excited you get when a CD unexpectedly is valued at over a pound.

Hi-jacking this thread, slightly, but does anyone know of a job-lot style app for vinyl? I’ve stacks that I could do with moving on.

A couple of london record shops offer a valuation/lump sum for whole record collections but it will be much lower than selling individually.

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Thanks - London’s nearly 600 miles from me, but there is a shop in Aberdeen that might work I guess. A mate of mine sold a job lot of dance records to them a couple of years ago.

I guess I was hoping there might be a barcode scan / automatic price app somewhere but I’ve looked in the past and not found one.

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Dont think so. Discogs probably your best bet but listing loads takes ages and is kinda hellish.

Yeah, considered that and can’t be arsed.

I think ebay is the main place where people sell ‘lots’ of records. I haven’t done this at all so not sure how shipping works, probably pick up only. Worth a look on ebay to see how others do it.

Are you sure it’s all very low worth?

A lot of it probably is. I’ve loads of 7"s which are practically worthless with the odd gem in there - original Joy Division singles? Dunno.

Also a lot of original rave vinyl that was worth a lot immediately after the records revival of a few years ago (according to Discogs) but probably not worth much now.

I MusicMagpied my CDs ages ago and just kinda looking to do the same with the records one day.

Might still be worth trying. My mate dumped all his 90s dance 12"s on discogs a couple of years ago and got a couple of grand for the effort.

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I’ve sold a fair bit on Discogs and there’s no doubt it takes a fair bit of work doing the listing, grading, selling etc.
On the other hand it can be surprising what people buy, I never had many 7" singles but sold what I had quickly.

I tend to sell stuff cheap just because once I’ve decided to get rid of something I just want it gone and have sold job lots to dealers via discogs. Put it up cheap and it will go and list everything at once as people will buy multiple items.

But it is time and effort, I reckon contacting local dealers might be a good way to go.

Yeah, it’s the postage part too - I just want it all picked up in one go. Cardboard record sleeves cost a lot.

Anyway, not a massive rush, was just wondering if anyone knew of a MusicMagpie for vinyl, doesn’t look like there is one (or ever will!) :smiley:

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If you have your vinyl listed on discogs it’d be worth exporting to spreadsheet and throwing it up here. Def get a few sales from DiSers as this has been done by a few users before.

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Music magpie just offered me 7p for one of the few remaining CDs I have! Think I’ll just keep it for the occasional car play.