Best Songs/Albums of 2019 music publication/music shop lists

As usual Rough Trade is first off the mark

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I’m sure they settled on their top 10 long before they started negotiating exclusive versions of every. single. one. of. them.


Beck released an album this year??? WTF?

EDIT: Ah, it isn’t out yet and Rough Trade have it on that list.

They’ve left off the two best Irish albums this year too, substituting them with two bad Irish albums.


The Corrs and Daniel O’Donnell?

B*Witched x Whipping Boy collaborative LPs.


Surprised at the lack of Girl Band

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Oh they do crop up eventually

Great stuff on here. But is this not just a selection of their rated albums/releases on label rather than a countdown?

These are pretty much listed in the same order

Possibly obvious but reading on my phone and the formatting is all over the place

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It’s a bit early. Couldn’t they wait till December?

I always expect there to be a bit of natural bias towards the Rough Trade label but doesn’t seem to happen

You seem to have forgotten Every Other Time They Have Done This

+1 for Marika Hackman, -1,000,000 for no Japanese House.

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kind of wish I worked for AOTY, would love to be involved with their aggregate counts:

also lol at Rough Trade picking Two Hands but not U.F.O.F


Something had make way for the Pete Doherty album…

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and also the Tindersticks

two albums by the same band would be a bit much

unless it was someone really good

Nice try :kissing_heart:

Also Two Hands is the better record

… in my unpopular opinion.