Best songs from cover tapes / CDs from magazines

Just realized that two of my favourite songs from the last decade were from the same Mojo cover CD my dad gave me

The two songs: ‘Closet Astrologer’ by The Ruby Suns, and ‘Dream of a Young Girl as a Flower’ by Mercury Rev (which was mistitled on the cover and still mistitled on Discogs)

Any favourites, or songs or artists you discovered from this (probably?) discontinued thing?

Mogwai’s BBC version of New Paths To Helicon 1 first got a release on a Select CD. Still my favourite thing they’ve done.


and this still remains as my favourite Mogwai recording. From an NME CD


Years ago I bought a copy of Zzap 64 and it had a demo of the game Cybernoid II. The game is okay, just a platform game and I don’t really like those.

But it played the Cybernoid I theme while loading and then there was the Cybernoid II theme.

Anyway, enjoy 12 minutes of brutally amazing 8-bit music. Not sure an 8-bit has ever produced a more amazingly great pair of tunes, TBH. If this had been on NES or Gameboy people wouldn’t shut up about it.


Still have this CD somewhere I think. It’s probably still my favourite thing they’ve done too.

The same CD might also have first introduced me to Elliott Smith (Happiness) and Super Furry Animals (Ymaelodi Â’r Ymylon) - both brilliant songs, amongst other good stuff on the CD (David Holmes version of Primal Scream’s Swastika Eyes and The Sound of Fear by Eels).


Bought uncut at a services last week for first time in years…came with a cd which made an ace driving compliation

Still have it as well. I think I bought all the albums you mention off the back of it. Handsome Boy Modelling School too.

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Select had the best cover discs.

Revolutions 04 introduced me to Kelis, The Fall, Outkast and the Magnetic Fields, and there were other good tracks on there too.


Got so many I love off this that came with Plan B magazine


This absolute beauty had Tension Head by QOTSA and Cosmonaut by At The Drive-In which I had on repeat in car journeys - great memories. Back when I loved nu-metal it was also packed with Soulfly, Amen, Disturbed etc.

+1 for Select. I remember the Secret Tracks 2 cassette very fondly - rare to have a magazine tape/cd where I liked pretty much all of it. My first introduction to Aphex Twin was definitely an experience. I still like the Idha stripped-back version of I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have more than the Primal Scream one. I was getting into Kristin Hersh and Throwing Muses at this point thanks to Your Ghost, and the strings version of The Key on this tape really cemented that abiding love.


That was a great album. I played it more than many CDs I bought that year.

Might be the very last decent thing the NME ever did.

There’s a fantastic collaboration between Dream Warriors and scat legend Slim Gaillard that only seems to exist on this free tape with Select in 1991.

It also features my favourite ever Bob Marley track - a live version of Bend Down Low.

My most played cover CD by a country mile is the Jon Carter Heavenly Social mix that came with Select back in the day - an absolutely gorgeous mix.

Kicks off with a great Saint Etienne remix, but the key tracks that it introduced me to are probably the middle pairing of Tiny Meat by Ruby going into Nine Acre Dust by The Charlatans vs The Dust Brothers - there’s a lot more Chemicals (nee Dusts) than the Charlatans, who provide a glorious big beat/world music mashup.

Ruby from 17:50, Charlatans/Dust Brothers from 24:30…


Wow yeah, this was great. I remember loving that Charlatans remix.

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It was at that time when The Chemical Brothers seemed to be able to churn out a banging remix of a name artist seemingly every week - don’t know if those early remixes are all available anywhere :thinking:

Would say that some of them, including this one, are among the best things they’ve ever done…

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Actually think this was the best free disc I had, from Mojo in 2002. Absolutely rinsed this. In fact it was so good I’ve just made it on Spotify if anyone wants to listen.



This is the first one that always comes to mind, it introduced me to The Roots via the excellent ‘Concerto Of The Desparado’ and is full of other quality tracks by Mansun, Cake, Sneaker Pimps & Gus Gus in particular.

This introduced me to DJ Krush’s ‘Kemuri’ which remains one of my favourite tracks.

& I’ll be forever grateful to this tape for introducing me to DJ Shadow.


Really enjoying the variety and track combinations on some of these Select compilations.

Here’s another good one from the first of the Revolutions compilations:

The Chemical Brothers - Remixes

Url: The Chemical Brothers - Remixes | Releases | Discogs

I have this on cd, some great stuff on there