Best YouTube science and learning vids

If there is already a thread for this then please ignore me.

Quite like spending the occasional hour basking in the awesomeness of existence, often via physics, astronomy, geology, biology vids.

Could also feature anything else vaguely educational though.

Inspired by Kurgesagt’s latest: an hour of slow TV with each second = 1.5 million years of Earth’s history, with occasional voice-over for context. Magnificent stuff:

Just the idea of there being nothing but lava for 500million years, then two billion years of single celled organisms, followed by an accident that led to all complex life, followed eventually by a few thousand years of humans fucking everything up. Love it.

Really great early CGI video from 1994 from the University of British Colombia about how to turn a sphere inside out with very calming narration and great sound effects


That was absolutely fantastic, I loved it!