Bestival 2017

Looks a great line-up - very tempted.

There was a lot of talk of last year’s festival being pared down with stages suspiciously absent:

Hoping that the move off the island will help bolster ticket sales as it is a festival I’m very fond of. That said it doesn’t feel like they’ve changed the undercard at all the last few years, and it’s always the same names DJing the same stages.

Never been to Bestival, but I’ve read a lot of festival reviews that were obviously written by someone who watched two acts, tops. That’s one of them!

Bestival was always absolutely brilliant when I went, though haven’t gone for a long time. Lineup doesn’t look great tho

It seemed like last year’s sold very, very badly. About 3 weeks before it they started advertising fit on bus stops in Bristol. I used to really love Bestival but around 2012/13 it just grew into miscellaneous upper mid-sized festival so I stopped bothering. Can’t say this lineup’s tempting me back.

I miss Rob Da Bank’s Radio 1 show.