Bill Callahan / Smog discussion thread

This looks amazing

Gonna try and scab one of the Sunday ones on the day :smile_cat:

He’s standing up, that part is true.

I’d never been before. It is amazing.

Likewise. Cannot wait. Got to say, I took a sneaky look at last night’s set-list to get a feel of what sort of stuff he’s playing and it’s got me even more excited.

Very good set from Bill last night, good range of old
and new stuff. Also hadn’t been to the venue before and it was indeed lovely, perfect for the occasion. Just a shame it’s in Hoxton (for me) which is a long tedious 2 hour journey home, half of that just to get to Paddington for the last train home.

Crowd were great, what with last night and the Grouper show last week I might need to amend my assumption that London crowds are generally bell-ends.

If trying to pick a ticket up on the day beware that they ask for ID on the door to match the name on the ticket.

Oh and Goo’s pithy comment about covers it, the comedian support was woeful. Must be a mate of someone at the venue or the promoter.

What time should I arrive to miss the support?

Doors 19:30, support 20:00 he finished about 20:30. Callahan 21:00

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how did the new stuff sound? hope he brings a new one out this year

No new stuff. I think @Prob500 refers to songs of the more recent solo records, as opposed the old Smog songs, of which he played a fair number.

ah bloody hell. just looked up, thats some setlist. jealous

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Yeah, just that. Think there was only one song I didn’t recognise, but having looked at I see it was a cover. Bit gutted I had to leave before the encore to get my train home, missed a couple of my very favourite Smog songs at the end.

Going tomorrow. So excited! Setlist looks amazing.

So, so good. And yeah, the comedian was bilge.


Yep, awesome stuff, apart from the comedian.

Saturday night show was outstanding, though there were a few nutters in the house. I really hope that new material is not too far off. For me he is one of the living greats.

That comedian was really, really, really shite. Like I reckon about half of the people in the audience could have put together a more entertaining half hour support slot. Keep mulling over how he manages to find work.

Callahan was brilliant though, some of the guitar accompaniment was lovely. Think it could’ve done with some percussion though, the peaks in Drover especially felt a little bit flat without

From this review of his show at the Fringe I learned two things:

  • It’s supposed to be shite (although I imagine it’s not supposed to be that shite)
  • He’s been using the same material for nearly 2 years now


This makes me feel very old… what a wonderful record.


Knock Knock’s cover art

  • Hit
  • Shit

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