Bits of films that break the suspension of disbelief

We all know that loads of things in films are totally unrealistic, like the sound effects of a gun loading, the ammunition a gun contains or people not laughing when Danny Dyer talks.

However there are some things that totally jar and ruin your enjoyment of a film. This thread is for those moments and telling people they’re crazy for thinking the way they do.

The Fundamentals of Caring: The mother / son combo who’ve moved to the US from the UK have Welsh & Surrey accents. At no point during the film is it brought up why they have such different accents. Probably just the director saying “they’re British, that’ll do”.
28 Weeks Later: The route they take through London doesn’t make any sense, and the speed at which they travel by foot is ridiculous.

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Sometimes I wonder whether New Yorkers shout at the screen whenever their city is portrayed with dodgy geography too.

I think the worst one for me was the motorbike chase at the end of Mission Impossible 2. It’s riddled with so many continuity errors that you start laughing at it.


Music anachronisms.

No problems with an immortal girl vampire in New Mexico circa March 1983 (Let Me In). However, I do have big issues with a mid-west commercial radio station playing Bowie’s Let’s Dance before it was released in the UK.


17 Agaib. Dont think Zac Efron would grow up to look like Chandler


Not seen the film, but the book was massively meh.

The Martian - no way was that soil deep enough to grow potatoes.


obviously the tube bit in Thor 2

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Watched Mission Impossible 4 the other night - there’s a scene where they’re doing a diamonds for nuclear launch codes exchange in a hotel, and Simon Pegg’s character is pretending to be room service. The bad guys proceed to make this exchange in front of him, which seems cavalier at best.

Oh god. The middle bit dragged massively. I mean, it wasn’t a bad story, just “is that it.” I thought it was going to be more mental/bleak/weird due to all the hype surrounding it. Average thriller really.

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Watched that there Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows film last night (don’t ask, having to watch the entire fucking series is killing me) and it took me a good couple of minutes before I realised that Bill Nighy’s character was doing a Welsh accent. Was mind-blowingly bad. Like he had a few phrases down pat, but in a thick Welsh accent and would then would just use his regular voice between those bits.

I mean, he could have gone for a light Welsh accent and then pulled it off as being a bit dilute, but no, he goes from full on to English accent with abandon.

What a twat.

When Marty McFly plays a Gibson 335 in 1955


This poster in Legion when he is in his memory of his childhood bedroom:

Which as we all know where only recently commissioned by NASA:

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Hackers. Just… Hackers.


This also counts for the first Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes film, basically.

I’m tempted to raise the bit in Superman IV where they go into the NYC Subway and inexplicably end up on a Piccadilly Line platform but the whole film was an exercise in suspending disbelief.

I will say of Superman II that there is a dreadful bit where the villains attack a town supposedly in mid-west America and one kid says, “Please put my daddy down,” in the most public school of British accents. That always jars so much for me.

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How would there only be one fucking ipod in that living space and only with disco tracks on it?

Where were the other astronauts entertainment devices? Where was his own?

I’m still angry about this now.

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It’s been a while but I feel like this is explained in the book - he definitely watches films and TV series as well.

They took their iPods with them?

They left in an emergency situation.