Black Country New Road

Oof. Love their new single, would absolutely love to see them live!


Literally heard of the band for the first time last night. They sound great.

I’m going to Vision Festival next Saturday and last night was checking out bands on the bill. They’re on my list of bands to watch that day.

Another on my list for Visions are an Algerian band called Imarhan who I heard of last night for the first time too. They sound excellent. They’ve a track also called Imarhan which is great if you want to listen to something of a slightly different genre. Sounds like Algerian funk rock to my ears. All good.

BCNR are fantastic, probably my favourite British live band of recent years. They’re basically what used to be Nervous Conditions, before they imploded in unpleasant circumstances.

Imarhan are also well worth checking out.

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Seeing them at green man next month. Looking forward to it

Amazing band, incredibly intense live

Yeah great band. Really excellent live. Looking forward to End Of The Road and Brighton gig. Might head up to Visions next week too.

New single. It’s long.

Ohhhhhh didn’t realise they were Nervous Conditions; explains why they’ve been showing up a fair bit on the Cambridge circuit. I saw them as NC a couple of times; the were always great, shame the frontman turned out to be an abusive cunt.

(fun fact, one of them is related to Karl Hyde out of off of Underworld; he showed up to a few of their gigs in Cambridge)

‘Someone’ posted a link to this on Noise Rock Now on t’internet this morning. It’s bad. Far too self-aware and pleased with itself to be likeable.

Didn’t like that Athens song very much and not keen on this one either :frowning:

I think they work a lot better live than on record tbh. I don’t think these singles capture the intensity.

Great new band, but I think the ‘shouty’ vocals get a bit monotonous and irritating after a while.

Brilliant song. Anyone know if there’s an album out soon?

They were great at Valkhof Festival last month, went on the strength of Athen’s, France alone. Did not disappoint.

One of those “so many reasons I should like em but they haven’t done much for me yet” situations

I say that despite having woken up thinking “LEEAVE KANYE OUT OF THIS”

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Actually scratch that

Just listened TO sunglasses again

And it’s fkn ace

I get that line stuck in my head a lot. Find myself in the shower yelling ‘I’M MORE THAN ADEQUATE. LEAVE KANYE OUT OF THIS!’


Alone in the office todaay

Apologies downstairs neighbours

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Saw them at Visions for the first time. Thought they were much more interesting than Black Midi. Interesting how they’re both influenced by Slint, Codeine etc.

Not sure they’ll be around in 2 years but I guess that’s part of the charm?

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