Branching out from Kiasmos (recommendations needed)

Not sure if this is allowed under the forum rules, but I’m looking for album recommendations. Really enjoyed Kiasmos’ album + EP, but it’s been a few years and I’m looking for some recommendations for music of a similar vein - could some of you point me in the right direction? :slight_smile:

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We’ll allow it, but just this once…

Try Murcof’s Martes. It’s less four-to-the-floor, but hits all the right notes in terms of blending techno with classical.

Also Insen by Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto. Again, more minimal with the beats, but a wonderful blend of those genres.

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Rival Consoles


Think there was another thread along similar lines a few months ago? I’d say Gidge is definitely worth a punt. New album is great, but a bit colder and sparser than their first (which is a bit more… bucolic?).

Telefon tel aviv
older deru albums

Ok here is a few:

Samaris. More lyrical but still glacial electronic music from iceland:

Christian Loffer. Same sort of clean production and euphoric but calm music:

Wobbley moving synth work:

More overtly on the techno side but have a smooth nature approach to techno:

The absolute legend that is Dominik Eulberg

Or Pantha Du Prince. Particularly his cross over hit ‘Black Noise’


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I always find myself lining up Jon Hopkins after listening to Kiasmos

…or sometimes The Field

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Jonny H is a good Kiasmos-esque recommendation. The Field’s debut is just straight-up essential listening for anyone with ears.


All great recommendations - thanks! :smiley:

Check out Max Richter’s remix of Nils Frahm and Olafur Arnaulds - Stare (A2). One of my favourite earworms ever.

I only just realised that Janus Rasmussen released a solo album earlier this year.

Maybe missing just a little bit of the warmth that Olafur Arnalds brings…But in the absence of a proper new Kiasmos album (which may be some time away it seems), it definitely hits the spot.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was source material for a new album from the duo, but Olafur had touring and other commitments and Janus just wanted to get it released.

Moderat is essential listening


Been listening to these guys all day. Great stuff thanks for sharing

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Saw Arnalds earlier this year and he talked a little about Kiasmos. He said he enjoyed making the music but touring it was pretty much the most boring experience he’s ever put himself through; I’m not sure he’s all that keen to get back to the project.

Rival Consoles -
Max Cooper -
The Sight Below -
Rafael Anton Irisarri -

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That’s a shame. Love the album and thought they were brilliant live.

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Loved the album but never got to see them live :sob:

I second Max Cooper, his first 2 albums are great.