Bunny Wailer RIP

Sad RIP, Blackheart man an absolute all time record.

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aw, man. It’s been a shit few months for the reggae greats.

Two responses to someone who is widely regarded as the godfather of reggae? A founder member of The Wailers! Such a white boy forum🙄

As has already been mentioned, check out Blackheart Man, if you’re unfamiliar with his work. Such a stone cold classic. Bunny Wailer Sings The Wailers is also great as he recorded Wailers’ tracks in the traditional raggae sound, free from the need to ‘soften’ it to appeal to an international audience.

Guy was a legend. Show some love.

grew up on the wailers. what a voice.

RIP to U-Roy who passed recently as well.

Couple reggae legends within a few weeks of eachother

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Blackheart Man is brilliant and otherwise only really know his work with The Wailers. Will have to do a deeper dive, sadly posthumously.