Burna Boy


We should talk about the music by the Nigerian musician Damini Ogulu, aka Burna Boy. His new album Outside is awesome (my aoty so far), as was his EP from last year Redemption, as was his last album On A Spaceship, as was his debut album L.I.F.E. + some singles scattered in there.


Guess if you’re wading into this thread wondering what this guy is all about then I would suggest these three songs to start w/


Yawa Dey

and I guess Don Gorgon


Is this gonna be another one of those threads which gets no replies at the time, but then 2/3 years from now when this guy is one of the biggest names worldwide, people keep bumping this thread and calling you a genius?


Well it would have been, until YOU ruined it!!


The Pitchfork review made it sound like something I might like.

I will listen to those links.


Hopefully not! I should’ve started this thread 4 years ago when i first heard Yawadey and his debut. Now apparently he’s getting pitchfork reviews so that’s cool. He’s already a star in his scene.


Calm Down warn, CALM DOWN




Someone please enjoy this with me, yeah? I want to talk about it.

@thought_dreams maybe?


In for a bit of this, need some vibes cause this winter has been a fucking draaag. Will Spotify on my way in to work tmw.

Still hammering the fuck out of your Future Mixtape Trilogy playlist btw. just Like Bruddas is the best thing ever.


Come back and talk some time. i’ve been trying to make time to narrow down BB’s stuff to a nice n tidy playlist. I still bang that Future playlist as well lol.


I haven’t been listening to much non-miserable music of late, but I’m feeling a bit better last few days. like I wanna catch up with a bunch of stuff. including this guy.

so yeah, hold tight Shippers.


hey you gotta balance it out! Glad you’re feeling better.


thx dude :slight_smile:

I just remembered @littlebirds’s Equiknoxx thread was looking p. lonely too. got to get on that and all.


oh nice, will check that one as well. little thread cross pollination never hurt.


Quite enjoyable stuff, thanks.


Fiery Fella


Giddem :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


AOTY for me so far too, basically have it on repeat in the gym. Every tune bangs (except maybe the Lily Allen one…), especially the J Hus one.

I think I started an Afrobeats thread last year but no one posted in it? Maybe time to make a 2018, lots of other good shit to talk about.


Man I really love Heaven’s Gate and I’m not a lily allen fan by any stretch.

Nice yah do it. Kiss Daneil’s New Era was my aoty in 2016