Can anyone recommend any good Spotify promotion services? My other user account can!



Hey guys,

My band just released their latest EP and we are looking for Spotify promotion.

We’ve never really picked up much traction, and hoping to get on Spotify playlists.

I noticed there are a few pitching companies out there but haven’t heard anything good about them, anyone had any experience with them?

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated



I friend told me about this question and happy to jump on board.

There aren’t necessarily any established Spotify promotion companies out there, and as someone who’s researched this a lot I can suggest you try to get as far as you can without employing a company.

You can google things like “Spotify Submissions” which can find a lot of blogs who have Spotify playlists that accept submissions. You can also try searching the playlist curators and sending them your music, just remember they aren’t bloggers or necessarily music lovers, just people who happen to have popular playlists.

I also, SubmitHub have a Spotify playlist submission section too.

If you did want to use an Spotify promotion company to do it for you, there is a Music PR company in London who I’d recommend here:

I hope this helps!


Thanks, I didn’t know Submithub did Spotify playlists, I will try that first!


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I don’t know, I will let you know how it goes


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It’s almost impossible for you to get on any official Spotify playlists, sorry. These are tightly controlled and ringfenced for majors/large indies and acts with major hype.

Your best bet is to target smaller blogs and specialist magazines/outlets/brands who have their own playlists and try and get on there. That can be even more effective in some cases as they’re so niche.


Ok thanks, I’ve had people claim to me they have contacts with official Spotify curators, but never seen anyone actually get results


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Hi guys!


They might have contacts, but actually getting on their official playlists (particularly the main ones) is rare if you’re not signed to a label of note.

Best bet is aiming for smaller curated playlists and other artists who have their own playlists.


had a really great campaign with Web 'n Retail and it kept growing listeners after the intiital placements were made for a couple of months.