Can I mention weird creepy advertising here?


Got this on the Elon Musk thread. Seems a bit off, I thought we stopped smashing people when we left the old boards.


I think having sex with your own wife is still kosher


Isn’t advertising mostly based on your own search habits?


Ma waaaaff


I knew I should’ve put in a disclaimer about my search history there :smiley: honestly aren’t looking for anything like that, and barely at porn etc.

NBD, but other boards that I’m on will talk to their ad suppliers and get them to take out inappropriate or scammy ones.


I think W00t media handle it for @sean (the advertising I mean, not his ability to have sex with his wife) but the last time I tried emailing them it just bounced so I’m not sure.


Hmm, well I just got ads for a 4WD, a financial trading platform, and ‘wanna have a great potency?’ so I think we can conclude that the advertisers have correctly pegged my age and gender and are really playing on my apparent mid-life crisis. So it looks like I’m the problem here :smiley:

[edit: it’s actually ‘wanna have a great potency?’]


That’s an advert targeting just you rather than our website so isn’t anything I can do, sadly.


Thread went well I_J :grinning: