Can we talk about Halsey's new album?

This is so fucking good though

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You are not wrong, my dear x


Well in that case, if you have a similar gap, I hope you find similar enjoyment.

Or different enjoyment



That you have:




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Listening back to a live performance from a few years ago, a lot of the songs are more similar sounding to the new album than I remember, but they maybe (might be talking shit) seem to have a larger reliance on four chord structures on the choruses. Certainly feels like you have to wait longer between each idea than on the new one just gets on with the next hook and I already want to hear it again.


The rocky songs sound like she is singing in the studio while a band practises next door. Or she’s singing along to music on headphones cranked insanely loud. The vocals are so massively high in the mix compared to the drums/guitar; it sounds wierd.

Some fun tunes though. Reminds me much of Ladyhawk/Anxiety.

Enjoying this on first listen. ‘Girl is a Gun’ is proper fun


I thoight so at first, but it just think it takes a little getting used to, as it’s meant to be a vocal pop album. The music isn’t meant to be the focus, it just happens to be great.


Yeah, that song goes OFF! Would love a big remix of it.


I’ll see if I can get hold of the stems :wink:


Already in the queue to hear that.


So I don’t know who she is really (can’t know everything) and only listened because of the NIN production - how does it compare to her previous stuff/is it a proper change of direction? She sounds very cool

It’s not a change in direction, but it feels much more focussed. Personally, I’ve liked some of her stuff, but I probably haven’t been grabbed enough to actually critique it.

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Yeah, I get that but I can’t so easily recalibrate my ears! I wonder if the vocals got boosted at the insistance of the record company. Reznor doesn’t seem to be a likely culprit!

Still some fun bits anyway.

Only done two run throughs thus far, and my opinion is bound to change, but the overriding feeling I have when I listen to it is a desire to chuck on some NIN, so that I can get all the big driving rhythm tracks I am used to getting when I hear the distinctively Reznor touches scattered across this album, but which are lacking in this instance.

There’s music where the music, however artful, experimental or evocative, functions as accompaniment for the vocals; and there’s music where the vocals are part of the orchestration, one instrument among others. I tend to like the latter, and this is more the former.

Will definitely give it multiple chances to bring me around, though.


Been enjoying this the last few days. As said above ‘Girl is a Gun’ is a tune and I also love how shoegaze sounding ‘You asked for this’ is


Can’t believe her surname is Frangipane. That’s an amazing surname


This is really good btw


Track One: This is fucking great, I love “statement of intent” openers and this bodes well for “an album” as opposed to “a collection of songs” - Not in love with the vocals being so high in the mix but I ain’t gonna write a letter of complaint about it.

Track Two: This is also v good for a “well this is an album instead of a collection of songs” perspective, I like. “Jesus needed a three day weekend to sort our all his bullshit” :hushed: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: That dissonance at the end is v good.

Track Three: I like this drum pattern a lot. This sounds menacing in a good way, RASPING VOCALS - FUN! Enormous end. This fucking rules.

Track Four: I’ll enjoy walking around to the tempo of this song feeling like I have a bit of a swagger about me but actually I’ll be walking normally.

Track Five: Yeah, I think I’m going to be really into this album. This is like Depeche Mode or whatever (probably not Depeche Mode but I don’t know anything) but not boring and shit and old music for boring Dads. I love it when there’s music which “rips off” music that is more revered but does it in a more fun and enjoyable way than the original stuff.

Track Six: See above but replace “Depeche Mode” with “My Bloody Valentine” or whoever

Track Seven: This is a dud. Boring.

Track Eight: I hope this is building to something. Oh good, it feels like it is building to something. I like her vocals more at this stage, this sounds like one of those deceptively difficult vocal performance songs. Are we near the crescendo yet? Oh, it’s finished, never mind.

Track Nine: Dirty up those drums if you would, please? GREAT CHORUS! Nice swearing! A terrific pop song.

Track Ten: This is skating a bit too close to that “spoken word” half singing/half speaking type of vocal that really makes me cringe 95% of the time. I don’t like echos on drums.

Track Eleven: Those scales popping in are disorienting in a good way. This sounds sinister, I’m into it. I’d like it to explode a bit please. All tension, no release. A little frustrating.

Track Twelve: God this sounds filthy. Seedy strip-club where a fight is about to break out in a 6/10 film (this is a good thing). Oh hang on, it’s gone ambient and weird at the end here.

Track Thirteen: I hope this is one of those albums that ends on an unresolved note that resolves in the first note of the opening track. It feels like it might be. Let’s hope so! Ah, this was frustrating as well. I’d love a crescendo at some point, mate.

Yeah, I think this is an album I’ll return to. A bit front loaded and I was frustrated by the lack of release in some of the tracks but this seems great.


Heard about half of this earlier and thought it was great. Never heard their music before so great to find a new artist.

Will check out the other albums too.

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