Cannot believe I'm posting this, but Lil Yachty...

…seems to have released an album of sprawling future-psych rock heavily influenced by Pink Floyd and Radiohead. On a first listen I can’t tell if it’s actually good or if I’m just astounded that it happened. Think it might actually be good.


Don’t think it sounds like Pink Floyd or Radiohead.

Very like the last yves tumor album.

It’s great.

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First listen was goddam wonderful.

I always liked his voice even if the tunes weren’t up to it but he’s really pushed himself. I’m looking forward to next listen which is rare with the rush of New Music Friday


Both are great.

I’ve officially lost vision is very much like the track kerosene on the yves tumor album


The first track quotes around six different Floyd pieces (from memory On The Run, Breath, Time, Dogs, Great Gig in the Sky and In The Flesh - might pick up more on future listens)- the overall vibe is definitely something more hyperactive, but the influence is definitely there. There is another that quotes Planet Telex musically and Pyramid Song in the lyrics. It’s definitely its own thing though. Just happens to be a thing that is laser targeted to get me to engage with it.


Can’t abide YT but I’m very intrigued by all these comparisons ITT. I’ll give it a go.

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Think I’ve officially lost vision followed by say something give a good quick indication of the albums vibe

Lil Yachty has ALWAYS been good


OK this absolutely slaps


Maybe I had him wrong. SoundCloud mumbletrap is a long long way from my favourite sound and I had him down as almost an archetype of that scene. Where else should I dive in?

Not that I can’t abide it but anyone called Lil makes me naturally cringe. Open to that being swayed but why is every hip hop/rap artist got Lil as the start of their name… is this an old man shouts at cloud thing?


Never heard anything from Lil Yachty (not sure I ever heard his name either) but sampled a few clips from the album yesterday after talk in the Hip Hop thread and seems I might like the album. Stuck it in the queue.

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that man took the wock to poland, put some respect on his name


I know him mainly from being a therapy gecko tbh.


Best album I’ve heard in ages. I’m as shocked as anyone but he really came through. Heard some people knock his singing and yeah - but I’m just so swept away by it all it doesn’t matter to me.

When you can afford to leave ear worms as pure as the hook on ‘should I b’ as late as the 12th track, you made a great album imo.

Edit to add: So many great moments - but the warbled ‘I need your love’ outro to Say Something is wonderful.

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You’re right on the sound but I think “one night” is the best version I’ve heard of it.

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If anything more artists should do it. Would mark for Lil Jeff Mangum


I am entirely with you. In fact I think Lil Yachty was the point at which I decided everyone with Lil at the start of their name was in the bin. Cloud firmly scolded.