Can't edit thread titles anymore

how do people become ‘regulars’ feel like i’ve put the hours in but never been bestowed the honour, am I blacklisted

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ah, I only have myself to blame

Feel bad now cause I don’t make regular donations, I just asked the mods so i could change world cup titles!

That makes sense though, if you’re doing a lot of things that save mod time, well worth having it

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the power would probably corrupt me

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Let’s put that to the test.

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There’s not really a hard and fast rule - it’s a bit finger in the air and let’s see what works; while Sean in part used it as a reward system, like FL says, it’s really about effectively managing the boards.


Really silly thing to change imo. Like Avery said too it’s useful for adding SSPs etc.

So the system let’s you earn to regular and it doesn’t take very long but the editing powers ended up being abused so we shunted everyone down again and made it impossible to earn regular, back in the first couple of months on here.

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@jomaxro Hi! Can you guys help us with this? I can’t find anything in the settings that explains this change and don’t know about any of us having changed anything.

Sorry. I changed a setting that prevented people from editing other people’s posts when trying to fix something else.

I didn’t realise so many people could edit thread titles?!


And we do no want people to be able to edit other people’s posts, but for example when @AQOS starts an AQOS thread or @Funkhouser does a HGATR, we want them to be able to go back and edit their thread titles with new information :nerd_face:


Plus adding ssp tags etc.


Are you saying that this is for a few users? We could always upgrade their trust level?

Everyone at ‘regular’ level is now unable to edit thread titles, there are only a few of us who need to use the function with any regularity I think.

This has now been turned back on.


Thanks Sean! (Will bump Paramore up the HGATR list)

Nice one, thanks Sean x