catch 22

new mini-series starring george clooney, hugh laurie and a few other big names

watched the first episode last night and it starts on ch4 this thursday, seems great so far, cohen brothers-esque in parts


I’m looking forward to watching this on my television


i’m confident you’ll enjoy it ant, please report back with your thoughts when you have

I’ll be sure to do that!

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HATED the book. will give this a shot.


Are they just sticking to the book, or are they going to spin it out into further, but declining quality, series, like Handmaid’s Tale?

Have just read the book for the first time (and loved it) and have seen this waiting to be watched on HBO Go but… I just cba?

Been looking forward to this. Just need to remember to watch it on Thursday.

Is it just one stand alone series?

there’s only 6 episodes so far and no second series announced, which given it was out on Hulu in May means it’s probably just those for now

The book is one o fthe greatest books ever, not sure any adaptation can do it justice


Really looking forward to this. One of my favourite books, and the casting looks decent

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Haven’t watched this yet but have already formed unnecessarily strong opinions on George Clooney being far too handsome/suave to play Scheisskopf and conversely, Laurie not being handsome/suave enough to play Major — de Coverley. Feels like they’d be better switching roles? That siad, the trailer looks pretty promising and I think the miniseries format is probably the best way to do Catch-22 justice.

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will probably give it a whirl

Not into sports films. Ahm oot.



Can’t stand Hugh Laurie so I’m going to struggle with this. Shame.

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he’s not in the first episode at all, you could enjoy that at least


Sure I can just wince a bit for the scenes he’s in anyway

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Love the book so much - the movie adaptation with Art Garfunkel didn’t really work, it lost a lot of the absurdity.

The trailers looks appealing, I’m quite excited about this.


Loved the book when I read it about 15 years ago (can’t remember a thing about it) and the trailer looks good. Sign me up!

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