Classics / Canon edition of the DiS Hip-Hop Listening Club


Honestly I’d say go listen to Things Fall Apart and then maybe come back to this later


Agree w this. this is not the roots record i would suggest first for newcomers, would probably have it somewhere like 5th for that. but im kinda surprised we have a few thread regulars that havent listened to the roots at all.

I really dont think this sounds that different to phrenology


had never heard this! guess it was vinyl release only


Think you’ll find plenty to agree with you on this. Lyrics first rap fans love them some black thought but he doesnt have a ton of range… or presence. he’s a rappers rapper. probably why i like stuff like dont say nuthin so much, weird hook.



the live version of Seed, Melting Pot and Web from the Home Grown compilation is the Roots finest recorded moment imo

Web really transforms into a monster rap record


like you say, ‘slightly’- ‘don’t say nuthin’ was not representative of the album as a lead single, apart from that, all you’ve got in terms of less organic than previously is that little neptunes-y bit in ‘duck down’. love don’t say nuthin too, by the way.


Picking up those Neptunes and Timbaland vibes on Don’t Say Nuthin and Duck Down. They’re also the two tracks that sound of their time as a result… but both are still jams

Otherwise reckon if they had relased this now it’d get a better reception than it did then, with that sort of poppy, live instrument neo soul stuff being in vogue. I’ve been enjoying it a lot fwiw


must have had a lot of time on my hands when going through my fave roots joints a while ago…

100% dundee

you got me


act fore the end

something in the way of things in town

now or never

break you off


false media



make my

ain’t sayin nothin new

in love with the mic

respond react


right on

the fire

long time

hall and oates

thought at work

hmm, not too sure about ‘in love with the mic’ or ‘the fire’ now, interesting to see how tastes change


the lesson part 1

rolling with heat

I remain calm


guns are drawn

what goes on part 7

one shine

the seed 2.0


? vs rahzel


here I come

act too love of my life

game theory

get busy

distortion to static

do you want more

double trouble

don’t say nuthin

rising down


some of them are sounding dated in this lot, don’t think I can be arsed putting the last 10.
is that the first use of “skerr” by mos def in ‘rising down’? wouldn’t have thought it would be him- presumed it would be a mumble type person. early use anyway I think.


sorry everyone- that was quite obnoxious, just putting fodder like that


Ha! just throw em in a playlist !


Clones was the track that got me into The Roots.

Love that whole album. I remember ringing up to see it on The Box when my Mum got a Telewest box.


That snare sound on Clones >>>

Probably their hardest track. My fav as well.


think this is the worst roots album I’ve listened to, but even then it’s still pretty good. dunno how often I’ll come back to the album as a whole but web is a keeper either way.


The Roots are pretty great eh?

Not necessarily listened to The Tippping Point all that much this last week (although it is better than I remember it being). However the thread has reminded me to listen to them as a band for the first time in ages. Things Fall Apart, Phrenology, Game Theory and Undun are all solid gold.


illadelph halflife and do you want more are both great if you’ve not got round to those two yet


I’ve not massively been won over by this record, but I don’t hate it and some of it is pretty good. I will definitely give some of their other records a go.

My most striking take away from Tipping Point is another reminder (if one is needed) of how brilliant Jean Grae is.


Postscript- I got a copy of Things Fall Apart and it is great.