Computer game emulation

Anyone into this?

bought one of these which seems powerful enought to run most things

Got N64, SNES, MegaDrive, NES sorted and been mainly playing mario64, mario golf, super punchout this week all using RetroArch.

Struggling to set up PS1 though.

Gonna have a bash at dolphin and Wii/Gamecube games tonight

I don’t know what that box is.

I’ve looked into it on my iPhone but it all looks like a lot of hassle tbh. I just don’t like games that much.

Android TV box. Streams netflix, kodi etc in 4k and works for games too. Easily side loaded

Got ya


U wot

Just means good right?

Nope sorry dunno


Seems like a decent solution for retrogamers who don’t want to faff with a PC.

That’s what I thought.

Just looking for some tips as I’ve never done it before. YouTube guides are starting to hurt my brain.

Your mum seems like a decent solution for retrogamers who don’t want to faff with a PC.


I assume you’ve gone on here?

It’s not something I’ve bothered with much as I tend to assume that most of the games I loved as a kid will turn out to be tedious if I tried to play them now :smiley:

Yeah i’ve been there.

Mario Golf and Super Punch out are ace.

Gonna replay all the zeldas

emulate stuff up til about snes era but anything from n64 onwards always seems to be buggy or have some element that doesn’t work. played ocarina of time on an emulator once and got all the way to the shadow temple and found out that the eye of truth didn’t work and had to do it without. was fucking nails.

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It seems like you can run GameCube stuff pretty flawlessly

i have a gamecube :star_struck:

my cousin had a ps1 emulator on his phone, pretty cool.

doesn’t this mean the buttons are over the screen? can’t even imagine how that would work.

it was a huge sony touchscreen. altho i don’t know how they get around the lack of shoulder buttons.

Still got mine too.

When people get bored of Fifa, everyone has a lot more fun by playing WarioWare, Super Monkey Ball and Smash Bros.

i bought it just so i could play twilight princess and not use the bloody wiimote, hate that thing

run on my penoid gaming PC

Got from Atari through to PS2/Wii emulated with a lovely frontend.

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I once downloaded Pokemon Emerald via an emulator on my phone. Was great but my phone became bricked while installing an update and I lost my progress. I was up to the Elite Four :cry:.

I’m sure the crashing was unrelated to the illegal software.

edit: I have the tablet version of that Nvidia thing. I should get a controller and play old games on my big telly.

my mate built me a RetroPie and a raft of SNES style controllers. it is utterly brilliant.

I still fucking suck at Sonic 2’s Metropolis Zone Act 3 mind.